The FAI Heart Places of 2013

The FAI Heart Places of 2013

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View from above of the Citadel of Alexandria

THE Places of the Heart have found a place in a million hearts. In fact, one million (968.904 to be precise) Italian and foreign citizens participated with their vote in the 6th census launched by FAI - Italian Environment Fund in partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo. Purpose of the initiative, which has been repeated since 2003 (the last edition in 2010): report places in danger or to be protected, or simply not to be forgotten, so that they can be safeguarded.

The final ranking presented today, February 14, in the Milan office of Intesa Sanpaolo, reserved some surprises. After being at the top of the online grading list for a long time, the Royal Palace of Carditello in San Tammaro (Caserta) it was placed in fifth place with 32,438 votes, preceded by Museum by Totò to the Rione Sanità of Naples (fourth with 43,126 votes).

The accumulation of votes (online + paper presented in Intesa Sanpaolo branches) put the Citadel of Alexandria (53,953 votes), according to the Church of San Nicola in San Paolo di Civitate in the province of Foggia (53,394 votes) and in the third theBenedictine Abbey of SS. Trinity of Monte Sacro in Mattinata, also in the province of Foggia (50,071).

The ranking includes a total of 100 sites reported (the 100th collected 1769 votes). Now it's up to the DO promote the reports received. As required by the regulation of the initiative, the Italian Environment Fund - also through its over 100 provincial delegations - will urge the relevant institutions to take into consideration the places that move the hearts of citizens sensitizing mayors, superintendencies and regional presidents.

In the coming months, the FAI will therefore proceed with a monitoring of the reported realities in order to be able to concretely intervene for the rescue of some of the reported assets which for the first time will be done in accordance with Regional Directorates of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities. The announcement of the interventions that will be carried out will be given in June 2013.

The FAI appeal this year, The world has always chosen Italy as a place of the heart. And you?, it was also addressed for the first time to foreigners, who we discovered have many places of the heart in our country. The answers came from 123 countries of the world, from Canada to Holland, from Malawi to China, from the Cook Islands to the United States. And again Togo, Turkmenistan, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Lebanon, Spain ...

Other curiosities: the places reported are a total of 10,451. The majority of women voted (52.8%) and the average age of the voters is 45. To vote the most was the Puglia (224,103 votes), followed in order by Campania (145.217), Piedmont, Lombardy, Tuscany, Lazio, Sicily, Veneto, Liguria is Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The ranking of top 10 categories of places marked see in order: churches, abbeys, convents, monasteries, villas, archaeological sites, civil buildings, castles, urban areas, parks, gardens, palaces.

The 10 branches of Banca Intesa Sanpaolo that proved to be more active in collecting online reports (just to mention) were those of: Imperia (Marconi square), Casale Monferrato (Piazza Castello), Borgo San Giacomo, Pegognaga, Santa Giustina, Pescara (viale Muzi and viale Bovio), Ponzano Veneto, Silvi Marina, Civitavecchia (square of the Heroes).

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