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Vegan ingredients

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There are many animal derivatives which can be replaced with vegan ingredients or rather, plant foods! We have already seen how to replace meat in the diet, today we explore others vegan ingredients.

There vegan cuisine is not at all monotonous, it is mistakenly thought that i vegans they feed only on vegetables and salads… nothing could be more false! The vegan diet is based on a wide variety of plant-based, healthy and tasty foods.

Vegan ingredients, butter
Butter can be easily replaced by oil or vegetable margarines, although often, vegetable margarines are rich in hydrogenated fats, in shops specialized in natural food can be found organic margarines, at the expense of Palm oil not hydrogenated. Of fundamental importance is also the sesame cream, can be useful both in the preparation of sweets and savory treats.

Vegan ingredients, the sweets
Dark chocolate is vegan and can enrich delicious fruit smoothies. Not even ice cream is a necessary renunciation, there are several types on the market that are 100% vegetable. Many fruit ice creams are always vegan and soy ice cream is always available in ice cream shops. For homemade ice cream, the vegan ingredients they are simple, soy milk instead of cow's milk with the need to eliminate, if necessary, the eggs.

For the preparation of sweets, they are widespread vegan ingredients such as maple syrup, molasses or cereal malt. As for the cream, just choose the soy one, be careful not to take it "Vegetable cream" from the supermarket because in addition to NOT being vegan it is rich in hydrogenated fats.

Others vegan ingredients they are nutritional yeast, used on pasta and rice instead of parmesan. The nutritional yeast has a very delicate flavor and is rich in B vitamins. A spoonful of gomasio is also tasty, it is sesame seeds toasted with salt. Sesame seeds are rich in calcium. In addition, there is a "vegan grana ", a substitute for cheese made from nutritional yeast, almonds and wheat germ. To flavor broths, soups and broths, miso is recommended.

Eggs can be replaced in desserts or with fruit or kuzu. Each egg can be replaced with a banana. Kusu, on the other hand, is a white powder (obtained from the root of a plant), which when dissolved in hot water takes on the same consistency as egg. We must not forget potato starch, corn starch or shredded flax seeds, or chickpea flour, starch of wildflower, soy milk powder or .... sometimes the eggs can simply be eliminated and not replaced!

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