How to make a low wall

How to make a low wall:instructions for building a natural stone garden wall. From the preliminary excavation to the arrangement of the stones.

For build a low wall you have to be quite practical in masonry work. First, if you want build a low wall on the ground, it will be necessary to prepare the foundations or foundations.

Building the foundation

For the construction of the foundation it will take concrete. In the article "DIY mortar”We have seen how concrete is prepared as well as other types of mortar.

The foundations must be prepared in the classic way, i.e. by making an excavation of 30 cm and pouring the concrete mixture into the excavation, only when the mixture is solidified will the first layer of mortar be laid and then the bricks or the stones.

The foundation should be as wide as the Wall plus 15 cm on each side, for example, if your wall is 50 cm wide, the foundations must be 80 cm wide! What we propose today is the construction of a low wall in stone, perfect for any type of garden.

What it takes to build a low wall

For theconstruction of a garden wallyou will need a few tools and construction material that is easy to find. From DIY mortar to the decorative stones you like best, here's what it's needed forbuild a garden wall.

  • Medium stones and some larger stones (building stones)
  • Malta
  • Anchor clips
  • Bubble level
  • Hammer
  • Trowel

Quantities vary based on the size of the wall. You can mix a little mortar at a time to prevent it from drying out. As for the number of stones, to calculate it, adjust according to:

  • to the size of the stones
  • At the height of your wall
  • At the length of the wall do it yourself

How to make a low wall

General rule: the larger stones go to the base and the smaller ones go up.

Trace the perimeter where the wall will rise and prepare the foundations as explained in the opening paragraph. Basically, after the excavation, you have to put the concrete along the foundation and wait for it to solidify.

For construction, if yours do it yourself wall has a corner, start here. Place the stones at an angle and continue with the creation of the Wall from these.

Rest on the traced perimeter, all the stones that will form the base of yours Wall. These are stones, so align the outer faces well along the contour line of the base of the wall.

If some of the building stones are too sharp, help to rough them out with the hammer.

To help you, stretch a rope from one corner of the wall to the other at 30-40 cm from the ground. Lift the rope as your work progresses.

Build a first portion of Wall 50 cm, then switch to another side and continue the same way.

With the trowel, spread some mortar over the entire surface and place the thinner stones on top, or, if you prefer, arrange the thinner stones horizontally, provided they are not too angled.

Leave the mortar in the interstices between the stones, the joints between one stone and another can be regularized by making sure that the mortar is further back than the surface of the stones. The final effect should be roughly like the one in the photo above.

What permissions do you need to build a low wall or boundary wall

Thereconstruction of a low wallit's simple with thedo-it-yourself but it becomes demanding for bureaucratic formalities.

Forbuild a garden wall or low wall, it is very often necessary to ask for permission to build it. Fortunately, theclassic permit to buildbut a "SCIA" is enough.

The wall does not need permission if:

  • It emerges from the ground and neither side communicates with the property
  • It has a height of no more than 3 meters

The garden wall, in technical jargon, it is called "boundary wall". In the diction contained in art. 4, paragraph 7, lett. c), d.l. 5/10/1993 n. 398, converted with amendments into Law 4/12/1993 n. 493, and replaced by the effect of art. 2, paragraph 60, l. 23.12.1996 n. 662), a boundary wall means a fence that does not substantially change the conformation of the land and that assumes an appurtenant nature as it only has the function of delimiting, protecting or embellishing the property.

For the construction of a garden walltherefore, it is not necessary to ask for a "permit to build" but it will be necessary to forward the "communication of the start of works". The notice of commencement of work, better known as SCIA (Certified notification of the start of activity), must be presented to the technical office of the municipality to which it belongs. For all the information, just go to the one-stop shop for private construction in your municipality.

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