New Mob: Bergamo experiences the retrofit of mobility

New Mob: Bergamo experiences the retrofit of mobility

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The retrofit consists in adding new technologies or features to an old system (source Wikipedia). If we talk about sustainable mobility, retrofit means converting traditional cars and bikes into electric vehicles by converting the engine (in the case of cars) or adding a pedal assist kit (in the case of a bicycle). By doing so, an outdated vehicle can be converted into a latest generation electric vehicle, lowering the conversion costs electric mobility (complete replacement of vehicles) for citizens, companies and public administration.

Electric vehicles for short trips: the idea is certainly green in light of the trends. Mobility in Italy it is increasingly a local phenomenon with short journeys that mostly take place within the city, the sum of passenger journeys below 10 km is in fact 70% of the total. Italian private cars (more than 37 million, the highest number in Europe) are responsible for pollution, congestion, accidents, and land consumption among the highest in Europe (source General States of the Green Economy). Technological innovation, even retrofit, can do a lot.

Something interesting is beginning to show. Promoted by Municipality of Bergamo on the initiative of Sustainable Winds in partnership with eVNow, and made with the contribution of Cariplo Foundation, was presented on November 20 New Mob - Less energy more movement, the project that intends to bring the culture of retrofitting to the city of Bergamo.

"There environmental sustainability is a crucial issue for the municipal administration - said the Councilor for the Environment of Bergamo Massimo Bandera - and we want to support electric mobility through projects that increase the electrification and reuse of traditional vehicles and bicycles, reducing costs for citizens and institutions and improving the quality of the air and the environment in which we live ".

The project New Mob - Less energy more movement intends to introduce the culture of electric mobility and of the retrofit in Bergamo through three actions: electrification (retrofit) of some cycles of the bike park in the municipality of Bergamo; awareness raising the advantages and potential of electric mobility for citizens, associations and companies in the area; training aimed at specific targets such as mechanics and municipal technicians to increase the offer of services and skills related to energy-sustainable mobility and retrofit.

The positive effects of New Mob - less energy, more movement they will be multiple. Turn your bike into an a assisted pedaling allows you to make the most of the advantages of the bicycle without losing the convenience of motorized transport, especially in a hilly area like Bergamo. The low costs of construction and management, the ease of parking, the positive effects on the environment, make the pedal assisted bike a vehicle of great appeal in the context of contemporary mobility.

Retrofit is a technology still in the testing phase, but once the last regulatory obstacles have been removed, it can be an important resource for policies aimed at promoting sustainable mobility and a signal of attention to the need for a green mobility.

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