ECOLOGY: new life to waste fabrics

ECOLOGY: new life to waste fabrics

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The idea of ECOLOGY? Recover waste fabrics and garments of textile companies and turn them into clothing unique. Passing from the old to the new, giving new life to what would otherwise be just a waste destined for (polluting) disposal processes. First only rags, the result of surpluses, color tests or wrong processing, and then clothes that are sold in the city shops - gradually more numerous - at a fair price.

ECOLOGINA is also one nice business idea. The hardest thing when you have a good intuition is to translate it into something that "stands up", because the accounts have to come together and otherwise it all ends. This is the point where passion gives way to competence and experience, two elements that an entrepreneur acquires by studying and touching with his own hands.

Behind and ECOLOGINA is a 27-year-old entrepreneur, Giada Gaia Cicada, Milanese, graduated in Design and Fashion Disciplines at the University of Urbino. The passion for the recycling and the ability to interpret new trends is testified by the title of his thesis: "Re-dressing with meanings, ethical and eco-friendly fashion". This is followed by the experience in London that gave her the tools of the trade.

Making ECOLOGINA live for Giada means traveling with your car to the companies in the area (the creative laboratory is in Fossombrone, province of Pesaro and Urbino) and filling the trunk with by-products that are only a nuisance for the mass production industry then revive them in a new and creative way. The sartorial skill is mixed with the passion and desire, almost a mission, of restore dignity to a piece of cloth that deserves a better fate.

ECOLOGINA is 100% recycling is 100% made in Italy, this is also a value. Creativity, quality and style where it becomes impossible to compare only on price. The idea of ​​a sophisticated but not frivolous fashion, which questions itself and reinvents itself without sacrificing the aesthetic pleasure and exclusivity of a single garment. Six stores that sell ECOLOGINA products: Milan (2), Bologna, Turin, Rovereto (TN) and Forlì.



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