Honda Micro, road tests begin

Honda Micro, road tests begin

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Car manufacturers around the globe are still trying to figure out the best way to approach the public with electric mobility. One strategy involves the use of small ones urban vehicles, the first example we saw with the Renault Twizy but also Italian car manufacturers have tried to get involved with vehicles such as the high-performance NWG Zero and the essential Birò. Now it is the turn of the Japanese manufacturer Honda who takes the field with his Micro EV.

L'Honda Micro it will begin its road tests in early 2013 and we hope that it will reach the road of production within the same year. The prototype saw its debut last year; it was shown to the public with its 94.4 centimeters in length and with three seats. L'Honda Micro it is a multipurpose vehicle, thanks to its particular structure, theHonda Micro it can be transformed into a coupe, convertible, into a wagon for the transport of goods…. in short, it is aurban car definitely versatile that is well suited to the needs of any audience.

L'Honda Micro is a vehicle designed for the urban mobility. The battery has a power of 15 kWh, its range is only 60 km and the maximum speed that can be reached is 80 km / h. The look is not bad, it has a simple aesthetic and its strong point lies in versatility. Due to its characteristics, Honda is considering making the Micro Commuter a production car.

Road tests will begin this 2013 and the goal is to place one on the market electric car comfortable, practical and affordable. It is believed that, along with the lack of infrastructure for charging, another limiting factor for the spread of electric vehicles, is precisely the economic inaccessibility.

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