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Bio Bottle is a natural plastic bottle that you biodegrades within 80 days. The material used for the production of the innovative Bio Bottle is a special plastic synthesized in the laboratory from natural fibers such as corn starch or sugar cane. When a Bio Bottle ends its life cycle can be disposed of in the classic plastic collection, in the waste bin or even in the appropriate composters.

How is the "natural plastic" of Bio Bottle?
Is called "natural plastic " because it does not consume even a drop of oil but is obtained from fermentation of sugars of plants, the material obtained, in technical jargon is called "PLA": Polylactic acid, bioplastic polymer from renewable sources. It is estimated that 650 million bottles Bio Bottle they allow a saving of 176,800 barrels of oil with which to heat a city of 520,000 inhabitants for a month.

With 650 million bottles bio bottle they are reduced CO₂ emissions equivalent to those that a car would emit if it traveled around the world 30,082 times. The PLA polymer of Bio Bottle it should also be safer than the conventional classic. It is petroleum-free so it is more suitable for containing food and drinks.

As with any good innovation, there is always a negative side of the coin.
The spread of Bio Bottle is held back by its high production cost: there are very few companies that sell mineral water in bio bottle. Each pack of bio bottle with a capacity of 1.5 liters, it costs 60 euro cents, considering that one PET bottle from the same capacity it costs just over 20 euro cents, the PLA polymer would significantly increase the price of a bottle of mineral water!

Another limit is imposed by its own biodegradability, the PLA polymer of bio bottle it is less resistant than pet plastic so the shelf life of PLA bottles on the supermarket shelf cannot be very long. The last sore point is all Italian, unfortunately in some cities the collection of wet waste has not yet been consolidated, so Bio Bottle risks ending up in unsorted waste.

Attention, for those who drink water in the Bio Bottle, the cap is not biodegradable so it can go in the wet or in the composter, it must be disposed of in the PET plastic recycling bin!

Video: Invention of the First 100% Bio-based PET Bottle in the World (May 2022).


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