How to organize the Halloween dinner

How to organize the Halloween dinner

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You have commitments for Halloween? If you are planning a dinner with friends, why not invite them too sustainability in your house? There pumpkin is the symbol of the feast of Halloween therefore it cannot be missing at the table to flavor many dishes. It is a seasonal vegetable and when grown without pesticides, it is also in line with the principles of environmental sustainability.

How to organize the Halloween dinner. Sustainable menu
In choosing the products to bring to the table, we opt for those grown in our area, zero kilometer and organic. On the menu only autumn fruit and vegetables for which celery, radicchio, peppers, cauliflower, grapes are promoted. As a welcome aperitif, many delicious pumpkin fritters will not displease the palate. You can prepare delicious first courses based on pumpkin such as pumpkin and scamorza paccheri, or pumpkin ravioli. Secondly, the ideal would be peppers stuffed with provolone and strictly seasonal vegetables. The sweet? A pumpkin and ricotta pie will not disappoint anyone.

How to organize the Halloween dinner. The decorations
Halloween decorations must certainly not be missing, always being careful not to harm the environment. How about a nice pumpkin centerpiece? Maybe with the addition of some candles of different heights, so as to create a special atmosphere. Do you have a ruined tablecloth and you don't know how to use it? Here, just tear it a little more and it is ready for the evening. It is best to use a black or dark colored table cover and then place the worn tablecloth on top. You don't need a lot of decorations, just scatter candles around to create the right atmosphere.

How to organize the Halloween dinner. The carved fruit

The fruit can be carved to embellish the table and obviously the pumpkin can be carved to create the famous Halloween "mask", to be worn or used as a decoration.

For more information or to order a ready-made one, you can read our article on carved fruit compositions.
How to organize the Halloween dinner. The recycling
Before buying plastic plates and cups, let's make sure they are produced 100% recyclable or compostable. Minimize waste and consider if you can recycle something before buying. For example, the dress, you will surely have something in your closet that you would have sworn not to wear anymore. Here, the time has come to wear it, perhaps with a few too many tears. You certainly won't regret having ruined it.

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