The most beautiful cycle paths in Italy

The most beautiful cycle paths in Italy

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How about a pleasant Sunday by bike surrounded by nature? So let's leave the car in the garage and get on the saddle to discover wonderful places. What is the city of bicycles? For those who do not know it is Ferrara, in Emilia Romagna, not surprisingly it is also written on the road sign that you meet at its entrance.

There are many cycle paths where you can cycle to discover the natural and artistic wonders of the city. For information there is the Ferrarabike tourist portal from which you can download the guide for the cycle paths. There are various sections with interesting itineraries accompanied by maps, detailed road books, gps data and Google Earth tracks to download to your computer.

For those who want to ride a lot while remaining in close contact with nature and art, there are 105.58 km of flat road from Padua to Ferrara that can be traveled by bike on cycle paths for the most part and on secondary roads with little traffic. It is a very pleasant and comfortable route that unites Veneto and Emilia Romagna, through artistic and naturalistic itineraries.

How about a ride from Ravenna to Ferrara for a ride of 126.61 km?
It is a flat route suitable for everyone with low traffic secondary roads. Here too you will find an artistic and naturalistic itinerary: exhibitions, museums, monuments, churches, but also wonderful views offered by nature, such as the Po Delta Park, the banks of the Lamone and Reno rivers, in addition to water areas such as the Pialassa della Baiona, the Comacchio Valleys and the Argenta Valleys.

Prefer one cycle lane completely immersed in nature?
It is the path between Ostellato and Argenta, flat and mainly on a cycle path with a partly dirt road. You will find yourself immersed inNaturalistic oasisof the Anse Vallive. This itinerary mostly takes place on the FE414 cycle path named after Bruno Traversari, journalist and writer from Ferrara. Also for this path you can consult the site mentioned above.

You want ride less?
In the heart of the Ferrara city there is a circular route along important waterways that leads into the Ferrara countryside up to Bondeno along a safe cycle path for 56.77 km.

For those who want to ride in Milan?
Even the Milanese have now recovered theirscycle pathsi in the fascinating areas of the Navigli. The Naviglio Martesana has long been accessible by bicycle with a cycle path that starts from Milan (via Emilio De Marchi in the Greco area), crosses Vimodrone, Gorgonzola, Inzago to get to Cassano d’Adda (Groppello hamlet). All information can be found on the Bici Milano portal.

An exciting bike ride halfway between history and nature?
From the Naviglio grande there is a route that crosses some historic areas of Milan up to Pavia. An exciting bike ride with many things to see: towpaths, farmhouses, ancient villas, mills, water meadows, fountains, Morimondo abbey, Bosco della Zelata, Ponte di Barche, ancient villages.

And you have some cycle path to report to us?



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