Fujitsu notebooks made with recycled DVDs

Fujitsu notebooks made with recycled DVDs

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We live init was digital. With media players we quickly ditched CDs and DVDs. Our CDs have been replaced by iTunes while all the programs are streamed from the web, so the circulation of DVDs has also decreased. But what happened to the old disks? The company Fujitsu well thought of to recycle CDs and DVDs to produce something more useful, gods laptop.

The recycling of CDs and DVDs elaborated by Fujitsu, boasts a quality control based on a risk management database of the chemicals contained in the materials. Thus, the laboratories Fujitsu can guarantee that the notebooks are made according to the law and with production techniques sustainable: this system would reduce the amount of virgin plastic used by 10 tons per year with a net cut in emissions of 15%.

CDs and DVDs, now obsolete, would form the external carcasses of the new ones notebook. The Company has already applied this system in five recycling facilities of Japan. There plastic obtained from diskettes is used to create the front panel of a line of Fujitsu notebook, the LIFEBOOK P772 Fuji. After this first approach, the company Fujitsu declares that it wants to expand its recycling and derive plastic from other materials.

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