Construction, the European Commission wants growth

The low energy buildings are rare examples in Europe. There green building must be relaunched and to promote this sector, the European Commission is about to implement a targeted strategy. Promote the sector ofenergy efficient building means creating new jobs, halving CO2 emissions, it means aligning with the most virtuous nations but, above all, it means invest more. It is right on investments pointing the European Commission.

The strategy conceived by Brussels aims to create favorable conditions for investments, for example, in the field of renovation and maintenance of buildings, it will be possible to access the loan package of the European Investment Bank, package endowed with 120 billion euros. These funds were allocated in the framework of the Pact for growth and employment signed last June.

Not just investments, the strategy aims to encourage innovation and improve the workforce. In the European Union it is necessary to recognize techniques of sustainable construction so as to be able to provide construction companies of the codes of "good behaviour" for standardized building design sustainable and low energy consumption. Antonio Tajani, Vice President and European Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship, comments on the issue ofsustainable building in the current context of economic crisis, we must not slow down investments but we must grow and that construction and a sector with great potential.

"the low energy buildings they are profitable investments for both society and private investors. The construction sector should see them as an opportunity to innovate and attract new talent. Let's not miss this opportunity, the construction sector can become an engine of sustainable growthยป.

A problem facing the construction companies Italian and European is linked to incentives: in other countries such as China, operators can benefit from state aid, this creates a sort of non-equal competition between construction companies local and foreign ones. This competition penalizes the European construction market. There European Commission, in its strategy of "relaunching thelow energy consumption building"Will examine the implementation of possible corrective actions or new initiatives. A high-level conference will be organized shortly where all Member States and major representatives of the sector construction.

The ultimate goal is to spread high-efficiency buildings across Europe. The ideal would be to increase the number of buildings with almost zero energy consumption (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings), introduced with the recast of the directive on energy performance in buildings (2010/31 / EU).

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