ProSolar central solar inverter

ProSolar central solar inverter

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L'solar power has an extra gear thanks to the first 1,500 volt central inverter, the inverter is an electrical appliance capable of converting a direct current into an alternating current and with such a capacity, utilities around the world will be able to accelerate the production of solar power.

To propose this device is the multinational General Electric (GE) which has over 100,000 employees in more than 100 countries. The system is currently being used successfully by the solar power plant of Belectric, in Germany which manages to supply efficiently, renewable electricity to the entire network. The system ProSolar of GE plays a vital role in the former solar power plant 1,500 volts.

The 1,500 volt DC open circuit central inverter can be applied to any solar system managed by utilities and will help reduce the overall costs of the system: a key factor in making thesolar power an economically more viable alternative to technologies based on fossil fuels.

The central inverters are essential components of photovoltaic systems; the technology converts the direct current energy produced by solar panels in alternating current energy which is then fed into the main grid. If this conversion process is optimized, the entire solar system will be more efficient.

The aim is to achieve the so-called "grid parity " a network parity with i photovoltaic systems of some countries. In this direction, it will be possible to aim at achieving long-term energy security based onsolar power. Reduce the production costs of solar electricity is crucial for the dissemination of that source of clean energy.

Germany, taking advantage of this technology, perseveres the goal of increasing the share of renewable energies to 35% of total energy demand by 2020. The central solar inverter ProSolar will help reduce the cost of manufacturing solar power thus, the projects photovoltaic will become an alternative to fossil fuels increasingly greedy both in environmental terms and above all in economic terms.

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