Illuminated signs for renewable energies

Illuminated signs for renewable energies

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The solar-powered Times Square billboard

Yet they work! Quite well too, considering that i power costs are practically non-existent and those of maintenance contents. The two ecological luminous signs installed by Ricoh in London and New York they continue to shine with their own light - it must be said - fed 100 percent with renewable energy of type wind power is photovoltaic.

The ecological light panel of London is installed along the M4 motorway linking London to Heathrow airport. The sign is powered by 96 solar panels and 5 wind turbines single units that produce enough energy to ensure perfect operation, even in the event - not to be completely excluded given the times - of sudden blackouts. Curiosity: the promotional message on the sign also has a marked component green face that speaks of Managed Document Services Ricoh, systems that allow companies to reduce the environmental impact of business processes and workflows.

The ecological light sign Ricoh of Times Square in Manhattan, the first totally green scoreboard installed in the famous square, it measures 14 meters high and 38 meters long. It is powered by 62 solar panels, 24 thin-film photovoltaic modules and is illuminated by 16 LED projectors. The electricity from the city network is never used and in the absence of sunlight the displayboard remains off.

The illuminated signs of London and New York both fall within the scope of the environmental commitment thanks to which Ricoh has already been listed among the 100 more sustainable companies of the world from the ranking Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World.

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