Heat pump dryer

Heat pump dryer

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Panasonic NH P80G1 heat pump dryer

The evolution of domestic appliances towards models intelligent ed eco-sustainable it seems - fortunately - not to know stops. The latest important news comes from Panasonic, which from August 2012 will put the new one on the market NH-P80G1 heat pump dryer, equipped with mode Quick Eco.

The new dryer with heat pump, let the Japanese giant know, it was designed expressly thinking of modern customers and the demands that the hectic everyday life places on them. Characteristics of NH-P80G1 are the best energy performance available on the market and the functions of smart drying, like the mode Quick Eco and the option gentle drying.

Save energy it does not mean having to give up your lifestyle, just as having a dry and soft bathrobe no longer has to cost an arm and a leg. Traditional dryers consume a lot of energy because they have to heat the air and are not able to change the rotation speed of the compressor.

With the Panasonic NH-P80G1, on the other hand, the air that dries is heated with the heat pump and the heat generated is effectively reused in the drying cycle. There Inverter technology significantly reduces the energy consumption, adapting the compressor rotation speed to the correct drying conditions. This way you avoid wasting power and naturally get one drying temperature lower and more delicate.

There NH-P80G1 it has a double sensor that controls the load, the type of fabrics and the residual moisture. Automatically adjusts the temperature and drying duration and at the end detects when the laundry is dry based on the residual moisture. In this way, on the one hand, it prevents clothing from being excessively dry and, on the other, it avoids wasting energy. Consistent with the commitment to the environment of Panasonic, the standard setting of the dryer is Eco mode.

As for performance, the heat pump dryer dries all items, even the most delicate ones. When it comes to delicates, it's not uncommon to see them hanging out on the balcony or on a clothesline in the house. It is understandable, nobody wants them to be ruined! That's why the Panasonic heat pump dryer offers an intelligent alternative to normal air drying: the option gentle drying.

While conventional dryers are unable to regulate the drying temperature, the Inverter technology is equipped with the NH-P80G1 allows you to dry at a low temperature (about 45 ° C), so that even the most delicate garments, such as those in wool, silk, underwear and sportswear can be dried with flawless results. There NH-P80G1 has a 3D air circulation system which allows garments to move freely in every direction, to get one uniform and effective drying.

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