Lower IMU if the house is efficient!

Lower IMU if the house is efficient!

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The proposal is interesting: lower IMU if the house consumes little energy

The tax deductions 55% for the energy requalification of buildings have recorded interesting results, but substantially limited to replacement of fixtures, boilers and to installation of solar collectors. The interventions of insulation of the external casing, the most effective for the purposes of energy saving, were practically absent.

That said, the market based ontax incentive 55% represents the only reality active in the field ofenergy efficiency in recent years in Italy, with its energy, economic and employment benefits, which can be summarized in the figure of approximately 240/250 thousand interventions per year.

The above is learned from the report on Energy efficiency in the building sector presented to States General of the Green Economy on 12 July in Milan. The recent Development Decree ( 83 of 22 June 2012 art.11, valid until June 2013) has increased the tax bonus for building interventions from 36% to 50%, equating it to that on interventions of energy efficiency which was lowered from 55% to 50%.

According to Efficiency Development and Energy Saving Working Group, one of the 8 groups of works created within the States General of the Green Economy, it is good that the two sectors are regulated together, but in the current solution the result could be that the end user having a more difficult path to obtain access to the bonus forenergy efficiency in terms of documentation to be prepared, you opt for civil intervention and therefore you lose the reference to the parameters that indicate theenergy efficiency.

For the best productivity of public resources attributed to tax bonus generalized attention should be paid to energy results, furthermore, the barriers that, compared to the results indicated above of the bonus 55%, have in fact hindered interventions on horizontal and vertical opaque structures. In addition, sample monitoring systems should be introduced to enable the economic and employment results of the different types of intervention to be adequately assessed.

If we proceed with this type of intervention with the due planning capacity, with equally serious and balanced interventions on plant building system, stability according to Working group could be obtained by intervening on the territorial tax system, for example the IMU coefficient, and demonstrating the savings obtained with respect to the fixed base-line.

In Italy the civilian homes represent the 35% of consumption final energy and this is where the most significant savings can be achieved. More than half of the buildings have three times the air conditioning consumption compared to those required by current regulations for new buildings. Improvements toefficiency are also possible on the side of power consumptions, starting withlighting.

A very interesting sector that opens up is that of smart grids in response to the strong penetration of non-programmable renewables, activating interventions of Demand Response is Demand Side Management.

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