Wind energy, five myths to dispel

Wind energy, five myths to dispel

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There are too many beliefs to dispel aboutwind energy especially since the installation of wind farms for the production of renewable energy is constantly growing. The United States, Europe and China have very aggressive plans for the spread ofwind power in the next 10-20 years. With the growth of thewind energy False myths also spread.

#1 The energy efficiency of a turbine is so low that it does not cover the actual costs for setting up.
There is nothing more false! It is estimated that the investments for the installation of a wind turbine they will be fully recovered during the first year of operation. If you consider that a wind turbine may be operational for 20 years, that single investment will have created an economic and environmental resource. We can easily infer that the wind pays!

#2 Wind turbines have a negative effect on tourism.
A country needs to have a proper development plan wind farm, certainly this will not be set up in the historic center of a city! Obviously the wind turbines, if positioned incorrectly, they can have a negative effect on tourism but that is precisely why the set-up site must be carefully selected. In addition, in recent years there has been a huge development in the sector offshore wind, so much so that Great Britain has started a real task force.

#3 Wind energy works intermittently and need a backup energy source.
It is true that due to the variation in wind speed, it is difficult to maintain a constant power supply, as it is not in the solar sector. All the renewables they need a supply plan in order to further reduce dependence on non-renewable sources. An example is offered by German energy trio. It should be noted that, using wind power plants in different locations and combining the power of the wind withsolar power, you can get adequate diversification and minimize the "intermittent" effect.

#4 Wind farms are noisy.
Let's go back to point two. Obviously the wind farms they will not be set up near city centers. In addition, modern developments in wind technology have led to a strong reduction in noise from wind turbines. The only noise produced is that of the rotating blades moved by the wind.

#5 Wind farms damage birdlife
It is true, in some cases dead birds have been found near wind farms. These are mostly nocturnal birds but this type of impact is rare and has only involved a few wind farms. In addition, a British study shed light on the matter by stating that the impact onbird life is minimal or nonexistent.

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