Green turn for mobile telephony

Green turn for mobile telephony

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Today the smartphone excel in the world of mobile phone, shortly the protagonists will be sustainable mobile phones free of toxic substances or made with recycled materials. To say it is a research report.

More and more eco-friendly mobile phones and their potential is destined to grow! A statistical analysis carried out by Juniper Research has brought good news in the field of mobile phone. It seems that by 2017 more than 392 million phones will be released sustainable cell phones. Of these, 31 million ecological mobile phones will be activated this year, which means that, in just five years, the amount of "green-phone " on the market will increase by 13 times.

The smartphone they can be excellent allies for the environment, with their eco-sustainable gadgets and their applications that help us reduce our CO2 footprint. Knowing that smartphones on the market will soon be made with recycled materials and free from certain chemicals, can only be excellent news. More than half of the world's population owns a mobile phone andenvironmental impact of these mobile devices is great.

Producing more eco-friendly mobile phones is a first step but the decisive turning point must be made by telephone operators. Tim, Vodafone, Tre and Wind should launch programs for recycle your mobile at the end of its life cycle, especially with the further spread of Tablet. A great example for the cell phone recycling it is given by Germany which, as seen in this article, has started a program to scrap old cell phones and help humanitarian groups and the environment.

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