Expo 2015, also within the USA

Expo 2015, also within the USA

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The United States will not miss Expo Milano 2015, as Hillary Clinton says. Commissioner General Formigoni reaches 85 official adhesions with Cameroon in Washington.

“Cameroon has just announced adhesion to Expo. It is wonderful to learn it in Washington at the symposium with President Obama among friends of African politics ”. These are the words of Commissioner General Roberto Formigoni on a visit to the United States to participate in the event on food security and agriculture, promoted by the US government on the occasion of the G8. President Barack Obama opened the dance.

The issues of food security and agriculture are very dear to Milan Expo 2015, for this reason, for the Italian commission ofExpo it was impossible not to take the opportunity of the US event to present theExpo2015. In this regard, Hillary Clinton stated that "The United States will participate in the Universal Exposition in Milan ". The problems of malnutrition were at the center of Hillary Clinton's speech who, in front of a hundred heads of state and government, wanted to underline that Italy was the first country to talk about this issue at the G8 held in L'Aquila two years ago.

Our aim - explained Formigoni - is to create a common conceptual platform, which is the basis of the Expo. A document has been developed, with the contribution of specialists and scientists, which will provide Italy's point of view on this issue and will be shared with states and international organizations ".

Commissioner Roberto Formigoni further reiterated that the enormous opportunity for economic growth will beExpo. In a period of crisis like this, Italy needs the Universal Exposition which will be able to offer numerous benefits starting from tourism: "The Expo wants to be the moment for Italy's global revival at the end of the crisis. For six months, the country will have to give its best. The Government guaranteed all the planned investments. The infrastructure, transport, road program is proceeding as defined. We expect 20 million people in six months, 140 thousand visitors a day ”.

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