The electric car pleases Italians

The ION electric model from Peugeot

Fuel saving of about 85% and contribution to the improvement of air quality are the two main features that make Italian motorists like electric vehicles. The electric carhowever, it does not have to be an additional or city vehicle, but rather represent an alternative to the traditional car with a high relationship between quality and price.

To confirm this are the data of III Deloitte Electric Car Observatory presented on Tuesday 29 May during the event "E-car 2012: the year of the electric breakthrough?" organized with the collaboration of Assolombarda is An industry in the presence of exponents of the economic, business and political world.
Second Marco Martina, Deloitte expert in the automotive sector, “In the next few years the potential market for electric cars in Italy could be around 30-35 thousand vehicles sold in one year. For this reason, we are faced with a great opportunity that can bring benefits to the entire country system both in economic terms and in terms of quality of life and smart mobility ".
The most interesting aspect highlighted by Deloitte's study lies in having highlighted how the expectations of Italians towards the electric car are high, even if in fact we are still talking about an extreme niche market given that in 2011 less than 300 electric cars were sold in our country out of a total of 1,750,000 registrations.
The differentiating elements in choosing the electric car model, says the study, are the aesthetic factor and performance, without forgetting long-debated topics such as the autonomy of the batteries (only 32% of motorists would accept a range of less than 160 km) e charging times, which continue to be fundamental elements.
For this reason, according to Deloitte, it is necessary for manufacturers to conceive new models of electric cars starting from comfort, aesthetics and performance, a summary of the wishes that customers want to see fulfilled when buying a car.

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