Cementing alarm

Cementing alarm

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A city a zero cement? In Italy it exists, it is Cassinetta di Lugagnano but not all administrations can follow the example of the mayor Domanico Finiguerra, so in Italy and in Europe, the emergency breaks out concrete.

The advance of concrete it represents a European problem that should be blocked by law. Every year, over 1,000 square kilometers of new land is used for human activity and then cemented. Some nations have internal regulatory plans, while others lack an effective plan. This lack can be attributed to the total absence of guidelines dictated by the European Commission: the keystone could be one Directive for soil protection. Unfortunately, the directive is currently blocked in the Council due to the lack of a qualified majority despite the support of 22 Member States.

«This lack of agreement - for MEP Andrea Zanoni - constitutes a serious brake on the path towards greater soil protection ".

Among the most virtuous European countries we see Germany with a well-optimized plan for territorial development, but for the whole of Europe there is still a long way to go. The Environment Commission of the European Parliament is implementing a plan to reset the overbuilding of agricultural land by 2050.

Until a Directive comes into play that blocks the phenomenon of overbuilding it will be necessary to place one's hopes in the Voluntary Guidelines on Responsible Governance of the Land and the natural resources. This is an initiative approved by the Committee on food security of the FAO.

Now the approved rules will be applied, but for Paolo De Castro, President of the Agriculture and Rural Development Commission of the European Parliament, the Guidelines "They are a first, necessary response to the problems created by the increase in pressure on land systems, which feeds phenomena such as land grabbing".

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