Electric cars and workforce

What do two issues like the electric cars and the employment rates on the Italian territory? It seems that the spread of electric cars in Italy would lead to more than simply reducing pollution. There are many factors to consider, including the creation of new jobs.

With the spread of electric cars there will be a consequent reduction of CO2 emissions, of acoustic pollution, a substantial saving that goes to contrast the expensive gasoline, especially in view of the planned increases for diesel and petrol which have now reached two euros per liter! Unfortunately the electric cars they are spreading too timidly but the advantages also strongly involve the world of work.

The production of electric cars represents a development sector for Italian industry, which could, despite the crisis, be part of the race towards one sustainable mobility taking advantage of the leadership in the design of small electric cars, more suitable for urban centers.

The benefits derived from the commercialization of electric vehicles could guarantee the creation of at least 30,000 jobs, not counting the production of vehicles, just think of the increase in the number of distributors for refueling electric cars. In addition, there would be savings of over 5 billion euros in petrol!

With the advent of electric cars in Italy, there would be a sharp decrease in the import of oil, certainly employment in Italian refineries would decrease but not in distributors that will continue to supply greener fuels such as LPG and CNG. There would be a sharp increase in job positions in the factories electric cars, employment linked to the scrapping of old vehicles and the recycling of materials would increase.

Other implications would be in the world ofelectricity. There would be greater electric hunger to fill up their cars with energy. At worst, the electricity could be imported, but at best there would be an increase in both work and coal power plants that a greater need for renewable sources and therefore we arrive again in the manufacturing industries with the manufacture of solar panels and wind turbines that should be produced locally or imported from foreign countries but installed in Italy with workers and maintenance workers, designers, engineers and so on. The eco-virtuous example of the development of green economy also related to transport, is given by the energy trio of Germany.

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