PETA recommends a vegan diet by stripping the stars

PETA recommends a vegan diet by stripping the stars

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There PETA (People for the ethical treatment of animals), an association of activists known all over the world for its commitment against the production of fur made from animal skin, relaunches its commitment to promote vegan diets, that is, based on a diet without animal meat and derivatives such as eggs and milk … And he does it his way: by stripping the stars!

Lisa Edelstein, American actress known in Italy for playing Dr. Lisa Cuddy in the television series "Doctor House" lent her statuesque physique for the latest PETA campaign with the slogan "Eat Green to Go Green“.

A vegan diet, in addition to avoiding animals a sad existence in intensive farming, would have a significant benefit in terms of environmental benefits as it would discourage the intensive farming of large cattle and poultry, identified by a United Nations study as the primary cause of pollution and global warming.

The damage caused by intensive farming derives from the emission of intestinal gas (flatulence) and from the waste of the materials used to feed and raise the animals.

Interesting about this video created by PETA to promote a vegan diet and to explain the damage caused by animal husbandry:

The opinions of nutritionists regarding the adoption of a vegan diet however, they are controversial: there are those who argue that a diet consisting only of plant foods would not be optimal for our body.

However, the number of characters from the Star System who have decided to pose nude to support PETA's campaigns in favor of a vegan diet, against the use of furs: from the Italian Elisabetta Canalis, to the sex bomb Pamela Anderson, from Tamara Ecclestone to the model Kelly Brook passing through the singer Jamelia. Some men have also accepted PETA's invitation to pose in a "nature" version like the madman Steve-O made famous by the “Jackass” program.

Video: Ketosis v. Plant-Based - Diet Wars with Cardiologist Joel Kahn, MD (May 2022).


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