Honda: between refueling and hydrogen vehicles

The famous Japanese car manufacturer Honda, has formalized the launch of its solar hydrogen station. The first station that in addition to supplying the hydrogen car, produces and stores the new fuel. The company hopes that in the future this technology will be a standard even bypassing electric vehicles.

The announcement came from the Saitama Prefecture Office. The station is located in Tokyo and will serve to supply the hydrogen cars, the station will not be limited to this but will provide production, storage and supply! The first hydrogen station that can guarantee such performance, the model is similar to the platform installed in the state of Texas, where stations for solar-powered electric cars are already spreading.


For the production of hydrogen a high pressure water electrolysis system, patented by Honda itself, is used. The energy needed to set this system in motion is derived from the sun. In 24 hours it will be possible to produce about 1.5 kg of zero-emission fuel. Over time, the automaker hopes to supply clean-energy charging stations to the entire nation of Japan, and then become a world standard.

The solar hydrogen station is part of the program "Electric Vehicle Testing‚ÄĚStarted by the same company. Saitama and Iwatani prefectures are working together to build prototypes for the next generation of Honda cars. Honda, with its FCX Clarity, confirms its leadership in the transport sector a hydrogen. With these and other applications such as fuel cells, thehydrogen can be fully considered an alternative to conventional energy sources.

With 1.5 kg of fuel produced by the hydrogen station, the car Honda Clarity FCX will be able to travel 150 km with zero CO2 emissions. For now, the Honda Clarity FCX model is available in the US, Europe and Japan but only on lease. One of the main reasons why the hydrogen car are not so widespread, it is the absence of hydrogen refueling stations, the same reason why the Honda's Clarity FCX it is not yet in the Italian dealers.


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