Eco Button, the energy saving button

Eco Button, the energy saving button

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It is a very peculiar gadget, its name is eco button and it is literally an ecological button to press whenever you want save energy. It is not good to learn that, according to a survey conducted by Microsoft, 70% of users leave their computer on during the night. This results in large amounts of wasted electricity. Energy that can be saved with ours eco button.

This is interesting green gadget it costs just over 20 euros and connects to your home computer or notebook via a USB port. When the computer is running and the user is about to move away from it, just press the ecological button to start a procedure with high energy saving.

Eco Button, connected to the notebook via USB port, start what the software defines "ecomode", Will set a series of parameters to increase energy efficiency and consequently savings. Upon return, the user will only have to press his ecological button again, the manufacturer guarantees that the computer will thus save a lot power and that the performance of the operating system will not be affected in the least: the computer in energy saving he will "wake up" instantly, without annoying waits.

The EcoButton is equipped with software that will allow you to monitor energy waste and above all it will give you the opportunity to understand how much energy you have saved. In a short time, with the eco-button, you will save 20 euros - the cost of purchasing the product - and you will limit your CO2 emissions. The Eco Button is a device that guarantees energy saving and allows you to make a difference with your PC, helping you reduce your energy costs and save the planet. The attached software green gadget will show you the real savings in terms of both watts and money. In this way it will motivate you to follow small behavioral changes that can make a difference in a concrete way, not at home, the motto of the EcoButton is "a little click for a big change“.

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