How to dispose of eternity

How to dispose of eternity

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Dispose of Eternity it is a very dangerous practice that first of all involves the identification of asbestos in one's home and the planning of operations for its removal. After the design, you can decide whether to try your hand at the company independently or contact a specialized company. Before continuing with this article, it may be useful to read the guide "How to reclaim asbestos".

The word "Eternity”Comes from the Latin aeternitas, eternity; it was conceived in 1901 by Ludwig Hatschek, but it was not until 1903 with the opening of the SCHWEIZEREISCHE ETERNITWERKE AG factory in Nierderurnen that large-scale production began. Since the law of 27 March 1992, n. 257 has banned asbestos, how to dispose of Eternity (trade name for asbestos) has become a concern for companies and citizens. Given the environmental danger ofeternity and the risks to people's health, the law has provided for specific and rigid procedures for the disposal of Eternit which cannot be carried out by anyone but only by companies registered in the national register of companies providing waste disposal services.

How to dispose of Eternity
Asbestos can only be removed by specialized personnel in accordance with the procedures in force by law. The authorization of the municipality and the preventive control of the local health authority are required. As long as it is incorporated in the cement, it remains harmless and instead becomes dangerous to health in the event that the fibers are released into the air. At this point it is essential to adopt safety procedures to remove it.

Procedures for the disposal of eternity
The slabs must be previously wetted with glues or varnishes in order to prevent the carcinogenic fibers from detaching from the concrete and thus free into the air. forbidden the use of mechanical equipment such as a drill, electric hammer, etc. The movement is strictly carried out manually with specific tools equipped with a suction system. Personnel must wear disposable coveralls with headgear, a dust mask, disposable gloves and non-slip shoes.

Dispose of eternity
The sheets and other asbestos materials must be enclosed in non-perishable packaging, therefore bags or other containers. (It is absolutely forbidden to use the rubbish bin !!) For pieces of asbestos with an area of ​​less than 30/40 square meters and weighing less than 450 kg, you can proceed with the removal yourself, and give the material to the company local that manages the disposal. The large slabs, stacked waiting to be transferred to the landfill, must be protected with sealed plastic sheets. All materials must be labeled according to law and taken to authorized landfills disposal of eternity.

To avoid the dispersion of residues and dust containing asbestos, even the plastic sheets used during the work must be sprayed with the same impregnating substances before being removed, after which, they must be folded, bagged and joined to the material to be disposed of.
All surfaces in the work area, including furniture and tools used, must be thoroughly wet cleaned.
In the case of outdoor work, the ground must be carefully cleaned of any residual cement.eternity.
During all operations you must not smoke or eat.
Furthermore, in the event that the friable materials have led to the creation of piles of fibers or filamentous residues of asbestos in gutters or on other surfaces, it is necessary to remove them, moistening them with water until a pulp is obtained, which must be collected with spatulas inside disposable containers or stuffed into double-cloth plastic bags (and stopped with resistant adhesive tape ).

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