Here comes the biocase for iPhone

Here comes the biocase for iPhone

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In 2010 there were over 5,000 million mobile phones, the case is an indispensable object and the cover they have even become a fashion accessory. Most of the phone users have more than one cover to personalize their mobile phone, thus accumulating thousands of millions of plastic objects, difficult to dispose of. Today on the market, for iPhone, the biological covers that will supplant plastic. We talk about bio plastics, green technology and sustainable products. Very often the "green" brand is only used to sell the product, other times, however, there is a real certification. This is what happened with the brand new homes for iPhone, manufactured with GDH-B1, acronym for GD Pure Bio Resina; with this material the first cover for iPhone certified compostable. It was developed by Binith Shah, a designer with a green footprint. Binith Shah's project was adopted by the Nite Ize company and so on BioCase for iPhone will make its market debut in March 2012.

GDH-B1 is a safe, durable material certified to the strictest environmental standards and is entirely manufactured in the United States. The Biocase for iPhone it is made up of organic materials, not classic fossil fuels found with plastics. This means lower carbon dioxide emissions and no difficulties in disposal. GD Pure Bioresina will be used extensively for the production of accessories of all kinds and from the Binith Shah website, it is read that it could be the perfect solution to supplant plastic. The biocase for iPhone it is resistant over time but once worn it can be thrown away in the organic bag or even in any home composting plant where it will turn into fertile soil. There cover bio for iPhone it is perfect for models 4 and 4s, it is soft, flexible and resistant. The cover does not perform any great functions like charging your iPhone, but it will give you the certainty that you are not using any toxic products.

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