How to enter organic farming

How to enter organic farming

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With the name "biological agriculture"We refer to that cultivation system which eliminates any type of chemical artifice from agriculture and which aims at the cultivation of genuine and fresh products, in full respect of the natural cycles of the soil and the environment.

Biological agriculture"Does not only mean the elimination of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, but includes a series of good rules that aim at respecting the environment. The first rule concerns water, every farmer converted to biological he will be careful not to waste water, it is an invaluable resource therefore a farmer who wants to enter thebiological agriculture will have to be careful not to incorrectly spray their plants, an effective method could be drip irrigation.
Another fundamental rule is the exploitation of the soil, every piece of land must be used in respect of its own natural cycles through the "crop rotation" which provides for periodically rest a part of cultivated land, the so-called "fallow“.
Since thebiological agriculture does not involve the use of pesticides and other chemical agents, a good rule is to cultivate the crop plant and plants intended to host the insects that protect the crop and feed on dangerous parasites in parallel. A mandatory technique for those who are determined to enter organic farming is the "association“, Or rather the parallel cultivation of plants unwelcome to parasites that will thus keep away from the harvest.

Organic farming replaces natural fertilizers for chemical ones, it will be very useful to have a supply of compost or manure available to enrich the soil. Pesticides are replaced by strategies such as intercropping, in this way no spay paint or wax will be used.
In other words enter organic farming it means making a return to basics and encouraging the natural fertility of the earth with the most modern knowledge. It means abandoning the superfluous and relying on the essential, such as the fruits and waste that the land itself offers (compost and other natural fertilizers). In the fruit and vegetable department of your supermarket, you can see shiny oranges, a bright orange and more opaque oranges; paradoxically, it is precisely those with the most shabby appearance that are the most genuine, organic oranges, like every product of organic agriculture, have abandoned the superfluous to give the consumer real authenticity.
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