How to build a bamboo wall

How to build a bamboo wall

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How to build a bamboo wall: from the living hedge that can act as a windbreak or dividing wall, to the wall of cut bamboo canes.

Bamboo hedge, advantages

For build a bamboo wall what do you need? Only a few seedlings from cultivate! Yes, you can bamboo cultivate right where you need to build the wall. No material costs, no transport costs and no C02 emissions, forget the cement also because build a bamboo wall it is much easier.

Bamboo, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, are also very functional. Here are the benefits of growing onebamboo hedge:

  • Promotes high absorption of carbon dioxide.
  • It represents an excellent natural barrier against dust.
  • They absorb noises.
  • Therebamboo hedgeit does not need much care.
  • Bamboo is an evergreen so it always presents itself at its best.
  • Bamboos can reach up to 7 meters in height. Precisely for this they are great for create separating walls in the garden.
  • A bamboo wallit can be used as a windbreak.

Therebamboo hedgeit can also be grown in pots. Forbuild a potted bamboo wallyou should plant it directly in the containers.

The only limit of this choice will be a more constant maintenance in terms of water supplies. Irrigation, with the cultivation ofpotted bamboo, they must be constant especially in summer. We advise you to choosevasesmade of insulating materials.

How to build a bamboo wall

Therebamboo hedge, as seen, it has many advantages. Furthermore, there are many species and many varieties of this plant. Which ones are best forbuild a bamboo wall? Again, there are many types ofwall bamboo.

Do you want to opt for a very cold hardy variety?
Then you have to choose the “Phyllostachys vivax”. You are in a hurry to do grow bamboo wall? In this case, you can opt for the "Phyllostachys rubromarginata". Choose bamboo also based on the height you want to reach with yourshedge. In fact, from the nursery you can find:

  • the dwarf bamboowhich do not exceed 1.50 m
  • the small bamboos which grow from 1.5 to 3 m
  • the medium bamboosranging from 3 to 9 m
  • the giant bambooswhich can exceed 9 meters

Once the decision has been made, it will be necessary to quantify the number of plants necessary to cover the designated perimeter.

How to understand how many plants they serve for buildyoursbamboo hedge? You can make this calculation bearing in mind that each bamboo plant, once it has grown, will take up 30 cm or so of space.

How to grow the bamboo wall

For grow a bamboo hedge no deep holes are needed as les bamboo plants they have superficial roots. The planting hole must not be deeper than 40 cm.

Having created the furrow where the seedlings will be placed, a mixture of bone meal and mature manure is added to the soil. Bamboos need a lot of water. In spring it would be advisable to fertilize them with a balanced organic fertilizer in a dose of 50 g / m2, together with mature manure.

Almost every month it will be useful to add a high-ozone fertilizer to the soil. It must accompany the plant until it has reached the desired height.

Subsequently, the bamboo will have to be periodically pruned because the wall bamboo has a rapid and continuous growth in height. All bamboos propagate vertically, compact and become denser in spring. For other tips: grow bamboo. or Bamboo of luck if you are superstitious

How to make a cut bamboo wall

If you want to build a lightweight, zero maintenance shielding wall, you can use thecut bamboo. The lightness of these structures is such that they are also suitable for terraces and balconies. The only precaution is anchoring.

If thebamboo wallmust go to the garden, you will have to penetrate each bamboo stick several centimeters under the ground.

The bamboo poles will be driven into the earth for at least 40 - 60 cm after excavating. To make the bamboo wall sturdier, you can fill the excavation with gravel.

How to proceed?

Dig the hole to a depth of at least 40 - 60 cm.

Insert the bamboo rod and level it with the spirit level.

You place a second bamboo rod next to it and then a third. Make sure once again that it is perfectly perpendicular to the ground with the spirit level.

You start filling with gravel up to about 30 cm. Add three morebamboo stickscut and fill around. As you manage to create larger rows, fill the hole by bringing it level with soil that you can firmly compact on the surface.

For the purchase of already dried bamboo canes, you can contact agricultural consortia or take advantage of online sales. On Amazon, there are all types and prices. To get an idea you can visit the page:bamboo canes on Amazon.

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