How to save on internet traffic

How to save on internet traffic

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If you want to know how save on internet traffic you are in the right place. The most effective method is browsing the internet in "offline" mode, offline. With offline mode it will be possible to view web pages without being connected to Internet, therefore without wasting further data traffic; to undertake this type of navigation it will be necessary to install a free plug-in, when a browser is installed, a special folder is created where all the data regarding our navigation is saved. The folder, also called cache, is made available at 360 ° by plugins such as Scarpbook or CacheViewer for Mozzilla Firefox o Google Gears for Google web applications.

Wikipedia can also be found in offline mode provided that those items have been viewed at least once in online mode, the extension to consult the free web encyclopedia is called Zipedia. Some browsers allow you to save web pages so that you can browse the contents at any time without altering images, text and graphics.
For the most demanding, those who are not satisfied with save on internet traffic reading a single page offline, programs called "site downloader ”through them it will be possible to download an entire site and consult it at any time without the need for active access to the web.

Who wants to secure one web connection constant, without needing to enrich and update their history from time to time, will certainly find the possibility of activating a flat, or rather, a promotion that with the one-off payment allows web browsing with unlimited data traffic. To find out more, simply consult the various promotions available on the website of the operator that provides you with the mobile or fixed telephone service.

As for smartphones and tablets, the best way to save on internet traffic is to use special web applications, for example, loading the twitter page from the browser, it will certainly consume more data traffic than it takes to view your twitter profile from the specific app.

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