How to relax on the weekend

How to relax on the weekend

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It may seem like a no-brainer, nothing more trivial, but are you sure you can really disconnect in those two days off, assuming you have them? Learn like relaxing on the weekend no means finding out what to do these days, whether a trip or a dinner, but how to deal with them, with what spirit, so that they are truly relaxing and deliver us like new on Sunday evening, ready for Monday.

What does it mean to relax on the weekend

When the rhythm of our days is intense, whether it is work or family commitments or otherwise, very often at the weekend we tend to maintain a high speed of life, forgetting to decelerate and disconnect from work mode. It may happen that you don't even notice it: it's like when you're used to it to walk quickly, if those next to us do not ask us to decelerate because we are making them do almost a marathon, it was up to us we would always go around like this, as if we were constantly missing the train.

So before learning how to relax in weekend it was necessary to clarify what we mean by relaxing, because we all know that even if we go out and about, to the sea or to the mountains or to go shopping, and our head gets caught in stressful thoughts and muscles remain contracted, on Mondays we will be more tired than ever.

How to relax on the weekend

Our goal is to dedicate these hours, whether they are really 48 or even a little less, cause gig economy or else, to rediscover a state of deep stillness, rediscovering harmony with both the body and the mind. First, let's take our mobile phone and set it so that it does not call us back to order with email notifications, diaries and anything else that may disturb us. Nobody asks us to disconnect, it depends on us and on how we live the presence of this device in our life. Who closes it in the drawer and devotes himself to the people around him, who instead uses it to have fun and hear from friends.

The important thing is to act consciously, with honesty towards yourself. Recent studies claim that 67% of mobile phone owners they control it impulsively even without notifications appearing, as if by reflex, as if it were a nervous tic. 44% even keep it next to the bed so as not to miss notifications and messages. Over the weekend it would be appropriate to become a little more analog by favoring live meetings and events to go to with your person, not on social media.

At first, this absence of notifications that usually marks our days may seem a bit disorienting, but then we will get a taste for noticing how much free time we have.

How to fill it? Everyone will have their own tastes and hobbies and it would be like shooting in the pile to suggest some instead of others. From model making to mountain climbing, from cross stitch to gardening, everything is allowed if you like it, keep your mind in the present and make you feel good. Trying new activities can also be challenging and helps us stay in the present because we end up being more than that never concentrate, taken from what we have to learn to do. Therefore excellent initiatives such as workshops and events that broaden our perspectives, without however being anxious about having to become champions.

Among the many activities we can plan on the weekend there are some that can help us to disconnect with our heads and also to regain harmony with our body that perhaps during the week we have a little abused with up early and irregular meals.

One of these is autogenic training, excellent at the beginning of the weekend because it relaxes the mind and lays the foundations to spend two beautiful days. It can also be useful if you are one of the many people affected by weekend migraines that arise when the body is so used to stress and undergoes a muscle contraction. There are some techniques that we can easily learn and then apply at home to accustom the body to relaxation. For the same purpose, meditation is useful, which always has the power to reduce anxiety levels and improve the quality of our life.

Even yoga over time can help us learn how to relax on the weekend because it educates us to find calm and stay focused in the here and now. You can follow some lectures or seminars to acquire at least the basic techniques. Not everyone relaxes in this way, there are those who prefer to give vent to that accumulation of energy during the weekend that they had to retain during the week as a worker, parent, child. So it's better to opt for swimming and running, for long bike rides or if you prefer, dedicate yourself to dancing.

These are all activities that can give us energy, oxygen, inspiration, enthusiasm, as well as keep us fit. Beyond sporting preferences, it is highly recommended walk at least 30 minutes at a good pace, better if surrounded by greenery. Walks are not just physical movement but also relaxation, they relax the muscles but also the nerves, they help us to settle the thoughts and many knots that seemed very complex during the week, end up melting. Alone or in company, they are always healthy.

At least on the weekend, let's do a lot.
Furthermore, if we love to read the weekend it's the perfect time to do it "as it should" or not on the train or subway, or in spare time, but as much as you want, sinking into the sofa, perhaps with a cat or a dog at your feet and a cup of herbal tea or a glass of wine next to you to sip between the pages

How to relax on the weekend with a mat

Yes, this Swedish mat, also known as the fakir's mat, is not just any mat, and it does real magic in its extreme simplicity. It is a layer of foam rubber with plastic tips to place ourselves on. Initially we will be stung but then, after five minutes, we will feel almost levitating. The tips draw blood to the back and the tissues relax. It is used to fall asleep, with pure lavender essential oil, to be massaged on the base of the neck. If you want to try this very simple method of relaxation, on Amazon you will find excellent opportunities to buy one and take it out whenever you want. It is also small and is in the back of the wardrobe, ready to come to your aid.

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