How to have a flat stomach

How to have a flat stomach is an increasingly recurring question in search engines due to the wrong lifestyles imposed by today's society: here are my indications for having a flat stomach in a natural way.

The first because of a too big belly it is the accumulation of fat in turn generated by:

1) a sedentary life

2) incorrect nutrition

3) a persistent stressful situation.

Sometimes the belly can simply be swollen gas, also in this case the causes are to be connected to a bad diet or a persistent stress situation, in any case, to learn more we refer you to the pageHow to deflate the belly. Below we see how to act effectively on these three macro-factors:

1) The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends doing moderate but constant physical exercise with specific indications dedicated to different age groups that you can find online in this brochure in electronic format (in English).

You will read that a variety of aerobic and anaerobic activities are required for all age groups. The basic aerobic activity recommended by the WHO to stay healthy and have a flat stomach involves taking at least 10,000 steps a day, equivalent to about 8 km. Consider that, even with a sedentary lifestyle, on average we walk around 3,000 steps during a typical day, going to school or work or taking short walks to move from one place to another. To measure the steps taken in a day, "cumbersome pedometers" were once used but today, thanks to advances in technology, there are bracelets called activity trackers that, in addition to the number of steps, detect many other information, such as those on the quality of our sleep and the number of calories burned. Some activity trackers also allow you to keep a food diary by acquiring the nutritional information of the products in your diet via your smartphone.

If you are interested in learning more in recent months I have reviewed the best and most popular activity trackers: FitBit Flex, Sony SmartBand, Samsung Gear Fit, Jawbone UP24 and Garmin Vivofit.

A moderate but constant aerobic activity of 30 minutes a day to be practiced at least 3 times a week allows you to burn abdominal fat, flattening your belly, and allows you to keep your heart trained.

Aerobic activity can consist of a brisk walk, a bike ride or a slow pace run: you will carry out your exercise using the aerobic metabolism until the oxygen supplied to your muscles by the cardiovascular system is sufficient. Once this threshold is exceeded, anaerobic metabolism begins to function, with the accumulation of lactic acid which leads to rapid fatigue.

When you are running and you hear the so-called "out of breath" it means that you are entering the anaerobic phase.

If your goal is to lose weight "to have a flat stomach"You must try to exercise only in aerobic mode because this is the way to burn calories and fat. If you are running then slow down to a pace that allows you to converse with a possible training partner.

Alternatively, stop running and walk until you have caught your breath and then set off again.

It will not be easy at first, but the good news is that by practicing the exercise continuously, your aerobic threshold will rise more and more making your run more enjoyable.

Alternatives to running that can also be practiced in the gym are the exercise bike or elliptical to always use for a period of about 30 minutes and at a moderate speed, which does not mean that you can start reading a book while pedaling because the risk is that the activity becomes "too moderate"! :-).

2) Have the Flat stomach it will remain a dream if you do not adopt a correct diet. The ideal would be to rely on a nutritionist(even better than a dietician) who can prescribe a personalized food program adapted to your characteristics: age, sex, body structure, possible previous physical problems are all factors to be carefully considered.

Online there are also well-made and at the same time cheap programs that explain in detail which virtuous behaviors to follow to have a flat stomach in a healthy way.

Remember, however, that even if you turn to the best nutritionist in the world, the results will depend exclusively on YOU and the will and commitment you put into play to follow the food prescriptions to the letter.

The diet programs are many and follow different theories, not all scientifically proven. Sometimes the recommendations of the various diets can even be at odds with each other. However, below I try to summarize some common and "universally accepted" recommendations:

  • Avoid foods high in saturated fat, such as snacks and snacks
  • Include vegetables, legumes and fresh fruit in your diet
  • Avoid spirits altogether
  • Stop smoking
  • Eliminate or reduce your consumption of red meat altogether
  • Unless you are on a vegan diet, include fish in your diet
  • Try to eat your meals regularly, avoiding binges and then "believing you compensate" by skipping lunch or dinner altogether
  • Avoid eating substantial foods before bedtime
  • Avoid carbonated drinks

Before deciding on your diet, find out, consult more than one specialist and READ! On Amazon you will find many books dedicated to nutrition and diets, written by authoritative authors and can be purchased online.

There are also many books, almost all priced under 10 Euros, which specifically explain how to have a flat stomach.

But be wary of "magical recipes"! You will always have to take into account effort, commitment and months of time, even if the first results can be seen already after a few weeks.

3) It is proven that stress can be another important factor that does not allow you to have one Flat stomach because it causes abdominal tension that hinders the proper digestion of food and promotes the accumulation of gas in the stomach, creating the sense of "swollen belly".

In addition, stress generates an excessive amount of cortisol, a hormone that leads to the increase in body fat and loss of muscle mass.

Bringing the stress level back under control is not easy, because in most cases it is generated by our work and by the imposed rhythms. We need work to earn money and to live for which it is not "eliminable". However, it is advisable to follow the recommendations below to better manage your stress levels.

- Physical activity is a natural and effective remedy for stress. It is scientifically proven that physical activity generates endorphins that reduce our stress.

- Meditation allows you to reduce stress and anxiety

- Sleeping regularly for eight hours reduces tension and stress

- Drawing up a "to do list", and keeping it updated, can help reduce stress because it allows us to more effectively control the various tasks, work or personal.

- Periodically taking a vacation, preferably away from home, by the sea or in the mountains, reduces stress.

- A stable couple life reduces stress.

Also in this case, my advice is to read up on books that can help you identify the causes of stress and can suggest the remedies to overcome it.

I hope that the tips for having a flat stomach that I have collected in this article will be useful to you, improve your health and make you happier!

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