Anti-flu foods: what to eat to avoid getting sick

Anti-flu foods: what to eat to avoid getting sick

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The cold arrives, the rains begin intermittently with a few hot days that it is not clear where you come from but that confuses our body perhaps already annoyed by the climate. It is almost winter and our diet can be enriched with anti flu foods, or foods to eat so as not to get sick. They are not difficult foods to find, perhaps they are already part of our tradition, but this season it is important that they never miss them during our week because they can help us not to catch an avoidable and annoying cold or sore throat.

In every context of illness, nutrition plays an important role but in this it is really essential, especially when it comes to preventing and keeping trouble away. Eating in a healthy and balanced way is by no means a punitive choice, it is much simpler than you think and does not mean staying on a diet and not indulging in pleasures, on the contrary! With i anti flu foodsbut let's go and help our immune system, one of the most complex systems in our body and also one of the most important because it is responsible for protecting the human body fromaggression of bacteria, viruses, pathogens. The lifestyle we lead greatly affects its efficiency, other factors come into play but eating well is useful.

Anti-flu foods: what to eat

Before looking at some specific foods, let's make an overview to understand in which direction to go when composing our menus, ideally. Fats are not good for us at all immune system, in addition to causing health problems related to obesity affecting the heart and circulation, but not only. Obesity is to be avoided in all seasons due to the dramatic consequences it has. Even refined sugars are to be minimized by giving space to other healthier foods.

So let's try to replace all those industrial products with whom we may have breakfast or a snack. Biscuits and snacks, industrial snacks, sugary drinks. This does not mean giving up sweets but trying to prepare them at home using brown sugar or honey. There are very simple recipes for making cakes and biscuits that can last several days.

Even red meat is best not eaten too often, let's replace it with other healthier fats. Via those saturated with animal derivation and space for those polyunsaturated, which on the contrary are very useful for the immune system. We find it in fish, nuts, flax seeds.

Anti-flu foods: what they are

Let's see some examples of anti-flu foods that we can include in our winter diet. In general we have to make sure that the doses of fruit and vegetables are always present because we need to many vitamins and minerals. It is better if we eat them raw, preparing some imaginative centrifuges, always trying to insert some green leafy vegetables (rich in minerals), cabbages and red / orange vegetables (rich in vitamins A and C).

We must not limit ourselves to eating fruit and vegetables, we can range by introducing, for example, a strong intake of protein, essential for making our cells function well. We opt for those of vegetable origin that we find in both soy and legumes, if we are not vegetarian we can also eat fish and white meat. To help our immune system defend ourselves from disease, we can also introduceraw garlic.

I understand that it is not comfortable and practical but it has an extraordinary antibacterial power and is also immunostimulating. Let's start adding it to all the dishes we prepare. Another anti-flu food is ginger that we can use as an ingredient but also to prepare infusions. It is an effective anti-inflammatory and decongestant.
We are also helped by bees who give us honey and even propolis. A spoon full of honey every day gives us a very strong charge and helps us prevent infections especially of the respiratory system, it has a recognized antibacterial power. Propolis is an excellent natural antibiotic, perfect for treating throat infections.

Winter is the season for citrus fruits, not just for oranges and tangerines! We therefore give space to lemons to maintain a good acid-alkaline balance. By squeezing the juice and taking it often, we can maintain a correct body pH in order to develop 'good' bacteria and not provide a habitat for harmful ones. Lemon juice alone may not like it but dilute it in a glass of warm water. If we drink it in the morning even before having breakfast, it also has a good purifying effect from toxins.

Among the anti-flu foods we also find it yogurt and in general all those that derive from the fermentation of fermented dairy products such as kefir. They are important because they prevent intestinal problems and favor the formation of bacterial flora.

Anti flu foods and herbs

Let's find out what the world of plants offers us to fight and prevent seasonal diseases. L'echinacea it is the immunostimulant par excellence, it has also been used for many years by American Indians. To enhance our immune response we can also take theeleutherococcus which increases the production of lymphocytes. Astragalus, which is very rich in, is anti-inflammatory and also fights insomnia flavonoids

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