Heart rate monitor, which one to choose

Heart rate monitor, which one to choose

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Heart rate monitor, which one to choose: how to choose well and what are the opinions of runners. What is the heart rate monitor for and what criteria to use for the choice.

Theheart rate monitorit is used to monitor the frequency with which our heart beats. Why ai runner need to monitor the heartbeat? To better manage your workouts: by measuring the number of beats we can understand how much effort our body is doing during its performance and understand the consequences of efforts.

With the advent of smartphones, it is not necessary to buy devices with displays but just onebluetooth heart rate monitorwhich records the heartbeat and transmits it to our smartphone.

Heart rate monitor, how it works

For the correct use of thebluetooth heart rate monitorit will be necessary to set a maximum threshold and a minimum threshold. This serves to alert the user in the event of an overrun of one of the two thresholds by means of an acoustic alert. Thanks to this possibility, thebluetooth heart rate monitorallows us to keep the progress of our training constant (whether it is running, kickboxer or cycling) while remaining in the so-calledtarget zone. For example, assuming that oursanaerobic thresholdis at 180 bpm, if we want to increase the anaerobic lactic resistance we can adjust the receiver so that it warns us as soon as the pulsations drop below 175 bpm or when they rise above 184 bpm.

There are a large number of on the marketheart rate monitors, from the modelswithout band or wristto the most popular bluetooth heart rate monitor.

Where to buy the bluetooth heart rate monitor? By taking advantage of the online purchase it is possible to buy heart rate monitorshigh precision snatching the most competitive prices in the market. However, even at decathlon it is possible to find well-made bluetooth heart rate bands: now even the cheapest models allow you to record atarget zone!

Among the models most appreciated by sportsmen is thepolar heart rate monitorwhich on Amazon pulls the best customer reviews. The price of the Polar heart rate monitor depends on the model. If the H7 can be bought with around 50 euros, the Polar H6 Bluetooth Smart heart rate belt can be bought with around 59.90 euros. TherePolar heart rate monitorit is compatible with Android OS, iPhone OS and works with Windows Phone and other bluetooth devices.

In particular, the H6 band, compared to the previous model (H7) has some different ones that reflect the price: thePolar heart rate monitorH6 is smaller and softer than the previous H7; it fits better to the chest and is more versatile because it can be used with most iPhones on the market to monitor heart rate via apps. The detection is very accurate and appears without delay (instantly) on the iPhone display. The autonomy of the Polar heart rate monitor, model H6, is approximately 300 hours. The H6 works both with the Finnish manufacturer's app (Polar Beat) and with the most popular running applications (including runtastic). Speaking of runtastic, the developer does not lack its own branded heart rate monitor.

The Runtastic heart rate belt can be bought for only 22.98 euros. Among the cons of the choice is the jackwhich acts as a receiver for the band which, according to users who have tried it, is uncomfortable to keep in your pocket and comes off losing the signal.

A noteworthy product is thefront heart rate monitor + which would seem to be among the best considering the quality / price ratio. The Sigma Ant + band can be paired with any device, from a simple Galaxy to specific tools like the Bryton Rider.

Notes of merit also for Garmin heart rate belts even if the price range can go up a bit here.

For the prices of all the models mentioned and other heart rate bands not mentioned, we refer you to the official page: Bluetooth heart rate band on Amazon. Before purchasing and to choose well, you should read the opinions and reviews of users, as well as the questions that newbies ask those who have already used that product.

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