Extremely remontant roses

Extremely remontant roses

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Very re-flowering roses: the list of remontant and remontant roses divided by characteristics (scented, climbing, colored ...). The most beautiful remontant roses: selection guide.

Theremontant roses, botanically known as floribunda roses(floribunda is a Latin term that emphasizes the multiple flowering of this group of roses) they were first cultivated in the early 1900s. Even today, if we look for the description of thefloribunda roseon an old encyclopedia, we will find that it isreblooming rosesobtained from the crossing of Hybrids of tea and Polyantha roses. Polyantha roses are in turn obtained from crosses between Rosa chinensis and Rosa multiflora; the original idea was to create re-flowering roses with the scent of Polyanthas but with the floral beauty and range of colors offered by tea hybrids.

Today remontant roses are not reduced to crosses between tea hybrids and Polyantha roses, their selection is much denser, so much so that we can speak ofremontant rosesisreblooming rosesor again,climbing climbing roses,re-flowering bush roses, therefore more suitable for flower beds,white remontant roses, orange or more vibrant colors.

Very re-flowering roses

On this page we will describe theremontant rosesthat do not go unnoticed. We remind you that thefloribunda rosesthey are all suitable forcultivation in pots: in most cases they do not exceed one meter in height.

Between white remontant roses we reportCity of York,a floribunda that made history: produced by Tantau in 1945. It is aclimbing re-flowering roseobtained between the hybrid of tea and old sarmentose. Although the buds are yellow, when they open they give life to beautiful creamy white roses.

In 2003 the rose liolà from Barni was presented, this rose has accumulated precious awards. The rose has only five petals perfectly aligned with each other with perfect waves. Staying over the yearstwo thousand, in particular 2001, we mention the Jubilé du prince de Monaco, its bushy habit makes it perfect for creating borders or splashes of color. The flowers have aperfumeintense and sweet. Those who prefer mottled remontant roses can aim for the beautifulDeep impression, always selected by Rosen Tantau.

Remontant ancient roses

It is from the early 1900s that crosses and re-crosses between groups and the most disparate species of roses were born. Among the most abundant flowering climber hybrids, there is onegenetic mutationwhich has been preserved for some time, it is a shrubby and non-climbing rose. This selection is called polyhanta, it is very rustic and strongly resistant. From the crossing between polyhanta and tea hybrids, Floribunda roses were born. The first group ofancient remontant rosesborn between the crossing of dwarf Polyhanta and tea hybrids is calledRose Poulsen. For the sake of completeness, we mention several "ancient remontant roses".

  • ThereGruss an Aachenit is a pale pink re-flowering rose, selected in 1909. Later, in 1930, the same rose was selected in a more vibrant pink color.
  • In 1958 it was the turn of the white reblooming roseIcebergselected by Kordes.
  • The Montana rose was introduced by the breeding company Rosen Tantau, in 1974, characterized by a bright red color. The same company, in 1999, selected Heidi Klum, a fragrant pink re-flowering rose.
  • Amber Queen is the yellow remontant rose developed by the Harkness Roses company. Previously, the same company selected Anne Harkness (1979) and “Yesterday” in 1974, a very generous remontant rose with lots of pink flowers.
  • The RosePoemsit was selected in 1988 has very large and pink flowers.

ThereYesterdayis counted amongreblooming roses. It is very similar to the classic polyantha, it was presented for the first time in 1974 and in the same year it won the famous Monza competition. It is definedremontantbecause it blooms so frequently that it is rare to see the plant devoid of flowers. Her posture makes her perfect forflower beds: forms harmonious globular bushes of one meter in height and in diameter. This rose is quite disease resistant and features small shiny, vibrant leaves.

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