Cyclamen in the house, all the tips

Cyclamen in the house, all the tips

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Cyclamen in the house: tips for growing cyclamen in pots with particular attention to the home environment. How to cure potted cyclamen.

The genrecyclamen(Cyclamen) includes about twenty species of perennial plants, coming from different types of habitats. Among the most common species, we point out the cyclamen persicum, the cyclamen europaeum and the cyclamen neapolitanum. Thecyclamen repandumor wild cyclamen, in Italy, is a protected species. It is unthinkable to grow wild cyclamen at home but there are some varieties selected precisely to adapt to domestic cultivation.

Cyclamen in the house

Unfortunately thecyclamen in potfinds its worst condition when grown in an apartment. When you decide togrow cyclamen indoors, you have to avoid the most typical errors of this cultivation:

Excess of light

The cyclamen it is counted among the plants that do not need sun to thrive. Who wantsgrow cyclamen indoorshe will have to avoid exposing the pot near a window. Direct sunlight as well as a constant source of artificial lighting can easily damage the foliar apparatus and a temporary withering of the flowers. When the condition is protracted over time it is possible to witness the drying of the cyclamen flowers.

Too high temperatures

Thecyclamen in the houseis exposed to too high temperatures. During the flowering of the cyclamen, if the temperatures in the house are constantly above 20 ° C, the flowers stop developing, remain small, faded and wither easily. If you notice that the plant sees very elongated shoots and curved leaves or flowers, it means that the plant is showing the first symptoms of suffering: the plant is suffering from the heat! Never hold thecyclamen in the house with the radiators on.

In severe cases, the heat causes the rosette of leaves to open towards the outside.

Poor lighting

It is true that the plant does not need sun but that does not mean that you have to bind it in the darkest room of the house! In its natural habitat, thecyclamenit is used to partially shaded or completely shaded areas, where sunlight filters through the leaves of the largest trees. At home we face two opposite conditions: either we place the plant in front of the window (where it receives too much light) or we bind the plant in the stairs or in an area where it receives no light at all.

Thecyclamen in the house, when it receives little light, it slows down its growth and, in autumn and winter, it stops flowering completely, showing off tender and faded leaves.

How to cure cyclamen at home

Based on the symptoms described, remedy as soon as possible. If you notice yourscyclamen in the housethey are giving signs of suffering, act by quickly restoring the ideal light and temperature conditions.

Late or insufficient interventions will not help you to recover the typical appearance of the cyclamen. Then be careful not to take initiatives!If you have identified pain caused by heat (longer than normal shoots), do not improvise by giving the plant plenty of water. Thoroughly watering a cyclamen that is suffering from heat not only does not solve the problem but worsens the situation. A cyclamen that suffers from too high temperatures is unable to dispose of excess water and the tuber could suffer from rot.

Cyclamen cultivation in pots

Once you assure your plant of cyclamen in the house the right conditions of light and temperature, all you have to do is follow the instructions on thecultivation of cyclamen in pots. The instructions are available in the article:grow cyclamen in pots.

Here are the treatments to be given to thecyclamen in pot.

  • The cyclamen wants many hours of light but always filtered and not direct.
  • The cyclamen strictly requires the alternation of dry and wet. Allow the soil to dry completely before watering again.
  • Do not let the water stagnate in the saucer.
  • Increase the frequency of watering during flowering.
  • Reduce watering in the period following flowering.
  • The plant wants a light, porous, fertile soil with a slightly acidic pH (around 6).
  • Do not irrigate potted cyclamen with tap water. Use distilled water, acidified water or rainwater.
  • During flowering fertilize every 12 - 15 days with a modest quantity of liquid fertilizer specific for flowering plants.

To fertilize thecyclamen, use a fertilizer rich in phosphorus, zinc and iron, preferably natural and made from plant extracts such as the One liquid fertilizer that can be bought on Amazon at a price of € 12.80 with free shipping.

Fertilization must be stopped completely after flowering and only resumed towards the end of summer.

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