Cut flowers, how to make them last a long time

Cut flowers, how to make them last a long time

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How to keep cut flowers, which are the most lasting and how to choose them based on their meaning and destination (for the cemetery, for congratulations or wishes…).

How to keep cut flowers

THE cut flowers, even if they lend themselves to wonderful floral compositions, they will then be destined to wither within a few days. Of course it is a pity ... and even more so because often behind each cut flower is accompanied by a gesture, a memory that we would never want to erase. There is some solution to do last longer than cut flowers? Of course, here is a guide that shows you how to avoid letting your wonderful ones wither cut flowers overnight.

How to keep cut flowers for a long time? By following these rules.

  1. Handle cut flowers with care.
  2. Before containing them in a vase, cut a piece of stem preferably at an angle with a knife. The cut must be clean.
  3. Then remove any lower leaves as well.
  4. Fill the vase with cold water, making sure it is clean and enough to hold the flowers.
  5. The vase must contain enough water to cover at least 40% of the height of the flower.
  6. Also make sure that the leaves do not come into contact with water to prevent them from polluting it, thus reducing the lifespan of the flowers.
  7. Add ice cubes to the jar full of water in the morning and evening: the cold will help make our flowers last longer. This operation must also be done in winter if icut flowersto keep are at home.
  8. Pour special bags of salts that can be found for sale in florists and supermarkets, are used precisely tokeep the flowers cut longer.

Sachets containing a liquid rich in micronutrients and disinfectants capable of guaranteeing optimal water values ​​for the flowers are available at the most well-stocked nurseries and florists. This liquid must be added directly into the jar. The sachets can also be bought online. Among the various market offers, the mostcheapand with an optimal "quality / price" ratio, it comes from a somewhat anonymous house that offers 50 sachets at a price of 10.69 euros, with shipping costs included in the price.

You can find all the information at "this address".
Please note: even more famous houses such as Gesal produce sachets forstore cut flowers, however in this case the price is higher because with € 6.89 you can buy only three sachets.

Cut flowers, how to make them last a long time?

Important information: make sure every day that the water is always clean. This can also mean "having to change the water every day" if a large bouquet of cut flowers has been placed in a vase that is too small. THEvases for cut flowersthey must be of adequate size.

Avoid exposing the flowers near excessive heat sources such as radiators, air conditioners, or sunny windows. The heat and the sun not only accelerate the evaporation of water but can also cause the petals of cut flowers to wither. Finally, keep away the flowers from fruit, as it produces ethylene, a substance that will make even the longest-lasting cut flowers wilt in a short time!

How to keep roses

Roses, daisies and violets are rather delicate flowers. So what to do?

Forkeep roses cut there are those who recommend adding a simple copper coin or a copper wire to the water. Copper is actually an antifungal but we don't think metallic copper can be effective. Also to make the roses last longer, we recommend the use of the appropriate bags.

  • For daisies, remove as many leaves as possible and add a pinch of sugar and a few drops of lemon juice to the water of the jar that houses them: it will serve to extend the shelf life, while avoiding any rotten smell.
  • To extend the life of the violets, just keep them immersed in ice water for about a couple of minutes before transferring them to the vase.
  • For wildflowers that certainly tend to become covered with an unpleasant whitish patina, just add a small piece of charcoal to the water. Then add a small amount of water daily, which will then be changed at least once a week and frequently ventilate the room that hosts them.

Long lasting cut flowers

Tar i lasting cut flowers we point out the carnations, oriental lilies and alstromeria.


It is legitimate to wonder about the meaning of flowers, a bouquet of cut flowers suitable for makingwishes for a speedy recoveryit is not as suitable for congratulations or to take to the cemetery in winter. The reason? Each flower and each composition has its own meaning. With the language of flowers, each cut flower can send a precise message to the recipient.

For example, between theflowers to take to the cemeterycertainly we point out the classicschrysanthemums, but you can also choose: cyclamen with white petals, kalanchoe, lilies (also with mottled petals) and carnations. Flowers can only be brought to the cemetery in winter. In fact, in many municipalities in Italy, cemeteries accept fresh flowers only when the atmospheric temperatures are low and therefore the flowers last longer. Can red roses be brought to the cemetery? Of course, because these, in a religious context, do not symbolize love or passion, in florography red roses are the symbol of the "passion of Christ", red symbolizes blood and pain.

For a brief recap on the meaning cut flowers, an in-depth study on the language of flowers is available.

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