The shoulder of tablets and smartphones to laptops and consoles

It is difficult to say if the trend is green or not, the fact is that the sales of smartphone is Tablet are growing well beyond forecasts and among industry analysts there are those who define the market penetration of these devices among all groups of users as "impressive". At the expense of it are the laptops and the game console.

According to recent research from the company ABI Research, by the end of 2012 tablets alone could reach an estimated overall sale between 102 and 110 million of devices in the world, thus surpassing i computer portable and demonstrating how this is the go-to device for mobile users in the future. As for smartphones, the first quarter of 2012 recorded a + 41% with 144.6 million pieces sold worldwide.

To push the sales of tablets and smartphones there also seems to be the increasing use of these devices for gaming, to the detriment of traditional consoles dedicated to mobile gaming. In 2013, 38 million Sony and Nintendo console devices are expected, a much lower number than the 47 million units in 2008. During 2013, console sales could also decrease slightly.

The fact is that Sony and Nintendo take the hit, while Apple is Samsung they laugh. In fact, only the two of them seem to benefit from the wind in their sails, competing for 55% of the smartphone market in the first quarter of 2012 and over 90% of the market profits.

The ranking of smartphone sales compiled by Abi Research is as follows: Apple 35 (million pieces sold in Q1 2012); Huawei 6.8; Nokia 11.9; RIM 11.1; Samsung 43; Sony 7; ZTE 4.9. Among the top ten manufacturers, only Samsung and Sony recorded growth compared to Q4 2011. Nokia, on the other hand, recorded a decline of 40% and risks being overtaken by RIM, which is also in difficulty in the face of a laconic -20 for one hundred.

Edited byMichele Ciceri

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