Accessories not to be missed for school and office

Accessories not to be missed for school and office

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What can't miss in the backpack of a perfect green geek? Be it a worker or a student, technology offers us some unmissable accessories.

From special pens that allow you to capture the colors of nature (see photo gallery) to simpler calculators and alarm clocks powered by… water! There are many accessories that should not be missing in the backpack of a hyper-technological student with a green heart.


Let's make a quick list of some green objects not to be missed:

–Solar keypad and energy saving widget
- solar covers for tablets and smartphones
-a carbon fiber bicycle to be light and avoid city traffic. If you are lazy, fall back on the public transport season ticket
-save-energy for computers. It is freeware to be installed on your PC to save electricity at home and safeguard the battery on your notebook
–Mobile solar panels to recharge anything, anywhere
- biodegradable gadgets to keep your non-wireless devices in order (wires from earphones or other devices!)
- water purifiers if you spend too much time away from home, perhaps for summer camps
-a bento to reduce waste. Perfect for those who dine outside the home with homemade dishes
–A solar backpack
- a water calculator or a water alarm. What are? Devices that draw their energy from a few ml of water. They are not that expensive either, around 20 euros.
- a very effective anti-spam control to avoid unwanted mail pollution
- if you have a personal or corporate website, you will need to migrate it to an eco-host
-eReader to read your own e-books
-a solar-powered notebook, in this case we should wait for Samsung to bring its solar-powered notebook to Italy as well


There are too many accessories and devices. We just have to do the inventory for purchases!

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