Merino wool and mother of pearl for tablets and smartphones

Enough with the cases, for tablets and smartphones arrive the clothes. Elegant, natural and ecological, they are also classy: felt-chic of merino wool is mother of pearl button. Of various sizes for all devices, but also tailored with a tailored cut.

This is the latest fashion made in Italy fashion launched by Anycast Solutions, an Italian company specializing in the development of hi-tech accessories. The line of casings is called precisely felt-chic, and is represented by real items of clothing that look good both on the desk and carried by hand as handbags.

The new felt-chic cases they dress the devices with a warm embrace because they are made in merino wool felt 100% natural and ecological. The felt used was in fact obtained without chemical processes and is free of artificial dyes. Felt itself is a sustainable and renewable material, characterized by high resistance against impacts and abrasions. This is thanks to the processing method with which it is obtained, the felting, which makes it compact despite its extreme softness. Therefore ideal for protecting smartphones and tablets, in a completely natural way.

Made entirely by hand by expert Italian artisans, the cases felt-chic offer a clean and linear design, emphasized by the neutral colors of the gray or cream version, and is embellished by the elegant mother of pearl button, also 100% made in Italy, which once attached to the buttonhole, blocks the device, preventing it from falling.

With attention to the smallest details, the case felt-chic is a real piece of clothing for smatphones and tablets. It is available in both gray and cream color, in three sizes: large (25x21x1.5 cm for tablets like iPad2, New iPad3 and 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10, etc.), medium (20 × 13.5 × 1 cm for mini tablets such as iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7) and small (12.5x6x1cm for iPhone 5, HTC OneX, Nokia, etc.). Furthermore, as for the handcrafted accessories, also for the one proposed by Anycast Solutions a customized version can be requested, made according to the measurements of any device: smartphone, tablet, notebook, etc ...

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