What to drink on a walk

What to drink on a walk

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Walking is not like running and you can take the risk, thinking this, that it is not necessary to hydrate yourself carefully. It is a serious mistake. We do not take lightly, especially in summer, even a simple walk and take note of what to drink on a walk. Dehydration is a sneaky enemy for walkers and not only can it cause us problems while we are out and about, but it can also give us more general physical ailments in the long run. There is no need to take risks and, I assure you, that it takes very little to hydrate properly. It is worth it, to enjoy the walk.

Why drink on a walk

Even if we are not runners but simple "Walker", our body is subjected to a good level of "stress" because we are moving and because we are outdoors and, in summer, it is hot. If we are good walkers and love to walk during the day or at the weekend, if only for a ride in the park or in a green area that we are lucky enough to be able to reach, we must educate ourselves on both hydration and nutrition. The same is true if we go to the mountains where it does cooler and we can be deceived by the lower temperatures: the air in the high ground is drier and with the cold it is more difficult to have perception of thirst ". This is why you must always make an effort to drink, even when you don't feel like it.

The water that we "lose" by sweating while walking is connected to a series of physical mechanisms. Each liter lost corresponds to an increase in heart rate of approximately eight beats per minute, a reduction in cardiac output and an increase in internal temperature of about 0.3 ° C. In short, if we forget to drink enough, our body reacts badly and goodbye relaxed walking.

What to drink on a walk

Drinking water is undoubtedly a duty but if we are gods mountain walkers or good walkers even on the plains, it is better that we equip ourselves to integrate with other mineral substances that may prove essential for our body. In fact, water alone does not hydrate: minerals such as sodium, chlorine, potassium and magnesium are also needed, important elements that we must not "lose" while walking.

Is it mandatory to take supplements? No it is not. They also exist more home remedies such as filling a bottle with water and a pinch of cooking salt which supplies us with sodium, essential because it is able to accelerate rehydration, since it promotes the absorption of water in the intestine. The idea of ​​drinking salt water seems terrible but there is no mention of kilos of salt, a pinch of salt is enough and you will not even notice it but your body does.

Also there frequency of drinking is very important. A bit like when you irrigate the ground, throwing too much water all at once is useless, indeed, it can be harmful. Frequent small sips, this is the rule to always keep in mind, regardless of the substance we are drinking, whether it is water, water and salt or a supplement that we have decided to buy.

We come to an equally important third point on which many hydrated walkers fall: the temperature of the water. Especially in the summer, we have one terrible craving for frozen water to swallow after a walk in the sun. The idea seems like a paradise to us, but it is a deceptive impression because the frozen liquid, in the middle of the journey or even at its end, is not good for our body at all. This is not a recommendation made by a grandmother or a too cautious mother, there is some evidence to say this. Drinks below 15 ° C have shorter residence times in the stomach than warmer ones but if they are between 2.5 and 9 ° C the body can get too cold and face a thermal stress, with stomach or intestinal cramps.

Nothing could be more unpleasant: instead of enjoying the view, once on top of a mountain, or relaxing after a walk in a park or along a river or on the beach, we would end up with hands clasped around the belly, in pain.

How much to drink on a walk

There is no fixed amount to recommend, it depends a lot on the type and length of the excursion, the outside temperature and the possibility of stock up on the way. And also from how our body behaves, because there are those who sweat a lot and those in a modest way. It should also be kept in mind that water is lost not only by sweating, but also by breathing, therefore replenish lost fluids it is essential even if we do not have a sweat-soaked shirt. Usually you carry around a liter bottle trying to fill it whenever possible but always sipping with measure.

What to drink on a walk: water bottles

About water bottles, here are some models that can do for us. There is this one, very simple, in aluminum with a screw cap that allows you to open and close the bottle easily and quickly, equipped with a carabiner.

And then there is this, in steel, 500ml per keep warm and cold because it has double vacuum insulation. It can keep the water cold for 9 hours and the water hot for 18 hours. We can also use it in the office, as well as in sports fields or other outdoor activities, in order to avoid using the damn plastic bottles.

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