Ecological detergents on tap: advantages and where to find them

Since the European Union declared war on plastic, since its presence in the seas makes us raise a cry of alarm and even the newspapers talk about it, not only the newspapers that have always had a bit of sensitivity, the light has also been lit on some good practices that have existed for years . For example on the purchase of detergents on tap ecological. It is a good opportunity to update ourselves on the situation, to look at why they are worth adopting and where it is possible to find them, also because unfortunately, despite the fight against plastic more useful than ever, it is increasingly difficult to find these products. I can testify first hand, if with food the research was quite simple, with hygiene products, it is always necessary to do a little more stunts. But it's worth it.

Ecological detergents on tap: advantages

Ecological detergents on tap, as the name suggests, are useful because they pollute less, therefore they have a much lower environmental impact than detergents that we are used to buying in large bottles when we do the "big" shopping.

As often happens, and those who buy bulk foods have guessed it, they also end up saving money, as well as doing good for the planet, because packaging costs companies and therefore costs us too. Unfortunately, the charm and convenience of flacons and bottles, almost always in plastic, these are two factors that strongly influence our choices and we are still wondering how to increase the level of awareness on the issue.

Are not the photographs with the sea and beaches invaded by plastic enough to make us want to change habits and try ecological detergents on tap? If we all took a step forward in this direction, the benefits would be extraordinary and the amount of plastic dispersed in the environment would drop significantly. Bottles of detergents, after plastic bottles, they are among the objects that we most often find ourselves floating in the waves, while swimming.

Anyone who thinks "but I a lot of plastic then I recycle it", has all my respect for the commitment but must take a step beyond what they see with their own eyes, deepening what happens in the whole recycling chain. It is true that at home we can differentiate, and it is good to continue to do so, but we must also take into account that for now plastic is among the most difficult to recycle. It is a material that requires a long, complex and expensive process. Great to differentiate and try to recycle it, then, but if we try to use less, it is much better. Not to mention that in some cases it is impossible to recycle some plastic containers.

Ecological detergents on tap: savings

The ecological detergents on tap do not require the presence of a package, the packaging, good or bad, costs companies, so the price of the product for us is lower. If you find a bulk detergent with a price not comparable to those on the shelf, do not be suspicious, the explanation it is this and it has nothing to do with quality. There are those who fear it might be inconvenient to use detergents on tap but just get organized the first time, with their own washable containers, and then that's it, we don't have to think about it anymore. Moreover, detergents do not have an expiration date that is too imminent, so we can make reserves every now and then and then live off an income.

Ecological detergents on tap: where to find them

As I mentioned today it is not easy to find shops that sell ecological detergents on tap but, almost surprisingly, you can find them in some supermarkets. If I'm not mistaken, if they haven't changed their minds, I'm at Coop and Auchan. I hope that from when I write to when you read, other large-scale distribution chains will join forces, going against the trend and encouraging their customers to adopt ecological habits.

In fact, today they are difficult to find because what emerges is that there is no market but we are the market. Every single one, together with the others. We therefore have only to begin engage and spread the word. It is not a utopia.

It happened to me with the purchase of bulk food, a friend who already did it suggested some time ago and I in turn convinced half a family and several friends that it was worth it and that it was not at all "A shock".

We all try to keep habits that seem comfortable to us, but in this way we do not have the opportunity to know the benefits of other habits which, in this case, in addition to being advantageous for us, can also be useful for the planet. I assure you that when you buy detergents on tap, first of all you will be proud of yourself, and then you will say to yourself “well, it's not that uncomfortable, quite the contrary. If I had known, I would have done it sooner! ". It is not a choice for activists, but for conscious and attentive people, civilians, and who wish to live in a less polluted environment, starting now.

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