Silverfish: how to eliminate them with traps and insecticide

No aquarium, for the silverfish, and no diving mask, because they are not "real" fish, but of insects not too pleasant. That they are made of silver, it is sometimes true, but they are annoying and harmful, as well as not particularly hygienic. In this article I will then explain how to eliminate silverfish.

Silver fish

The scientific name of these creatures is less graceful and reassuring, they are called Lepisma saccharina. In fact they are small worms with a lot of legs and antennae and most importantly, very hungry for starches.

When we feel that they are defined synanthropic, we must worry, because this adjective shows us that silverfish live in our homes and are also very comfortable there. They find their starches and position themselves where there is no light, since they are also lucifughs.

Perhaps we are not so aware of it, but our homes are real starch mines, so the silverfish They "wallow" happy. There is some in the wallpaper, in the glue of books, in the fabrics of t-shirts and pajamas.

At sight, i silverfish, having acknowledged that they are not fish, they appear as flattened insects, with a body covered with scales that perhaps remotely resembles that of a small fish. To the "tail" have three long appendages. Even if they are called "silver" in popular jargon, they can also be dark blue or shades between bluish and silver, in fact.

Unfortunately for us, besides being long-lived, living over 3 years, they are also prolific: the females lay groups of about twenty eggs twice a day for a total thousands of "newborn" insects in about twenty days. They roam the house at night, colonize it, preferring bathrooms and kitchens due to the higher relative humidity and the presence of food.

In addition to friends, they also feed on cellulose and the corpses of other insects, do not disdain human "waste" such as hair, hair or skin debris.

Silverfish: traps

Small as they are, we certainly cannot define silverfish as easy to catch and eliminate, but one a rather effective trap is the one built with grated potatoes. Taking a large potato, grated inside the pulp, these insects are attracted into the natural concavity created, they sleep there all night and in the morning we can throw them away together with the whole potato. It sounds trivial but it works a lot more than other more harmful products.

Silverfish: bite

While being annoying, and irritating, as they destroy books at times, and damage shirts and furniture, these insects are not dangerous and are unable to inflict bites on humans or pets. They are not even carriers of pathogenic microorganisms, they simply do a lot of damage so they are unwanted.

Silverfish: how to eliminate them

In addition to the potato trap, there are others methods to free ourselves from silverfish and above all not to let them even get close. The first rule is hygiene: in a clean house they are less likely to settle. So let's make sure maintain a good level of general cleanliness, also avoiding that the rooms are humid, which silverfishes like a lot. Frequent cleaning and airing is the best way to discourage these starchy insects from coming.

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Silverfish: insecticide

The use of an insecticide is not recommended, as is that of other similar ones means of chemical extermination because in the end there are more disadvantages, and contraindications, than advantages. If we are not convinced of the remedies indicated so far, we can opt for natural repellents such as laurel or lavender, lemongrass or gingko biloba. A few drops of these essential oils in the strategic areas of our home and the silverfish will not show up

Silverfish: reproduction

The reproductive process of the silverfish has only recently been discovered due to the nocturnal habits of this insect. Throughout the mating process, the male and female run everywhere.

The male lays a spermatophore, a seed capsule covered with filaments similar to those of a spider web or cocoon. The female finds the capsule and collects it, resulting in an indirect insemination.

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