Balto: dog and film

Balto: dog and film

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Balto is an animated film that allows us to focus attention on dogs but not only, also on the mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion of herds, herds of humans or animals. It has not been as successful as other films but it is in my opinion to be seen precisely for the complexity that the narrated story contains. As is often the case with animated feature films, you have two possible planes of vision, one more down to earth, for children or for simple minds, and a higher one that forces us to think about the maximum systems and to analyze them in the light of a story for children. Are we willing to do it? In any case, good vision.

Balto: the film

Produced by Amblimation this film was released in US and Italian cinemas on December 22, 1995, is therefore several years old and let's not expect the special effects and animation style that today we propose to the cinema, in 2D or even in 3D. The first installment of the saga did not have the hoped-for success but the producers continued to believe in it, so two sequels came out.

“Balto - The mystery of the wolf" is "Balto - On the wings of adventure". Returning to the first episode, there is a scene that is particularly significant because of a quote. When the protagonist is in the ice cave with the other sled dogs, a friend of his passes in front of several stalactites that distort the image, one of which makes him look the same as E.T. the extraterrestrial. E.T. we all know that he is the protagonist of the homonymous film directed by Steven Spielberg but not everyone knows that Spielberg is also the producer of Balto.

Little awarded by the public, Balto however, it received its Kansas City Film Critics Circle Award for Best Animated Film in the year of its release, 1995. For those fascinated by the score, it was composed by James Horner.

Balto: dog

Before understanding what story is being told, start framing the character. Balto, the protagonist of the film, is a generous, courageous, kind and unselfish wolf-dog but from the very first scenes you notice that he has no self-esteem. The main problem is that Balto does not accept the fact of being half wolf, all the inhabitants of the city for this reason despise him and only his dear friends Boris, Muk and Luk they treat him for what he is without judging him because of his belonging to one race, or another, or no race.

During the first episode of the saga of Balto we see this little dog fall in love with Jenna, the most popular dog in town and become attached to her mistress, Rosy. As you can see from the beautiful drawings of the film, Balto is a dog with grizzled hair and yellow eyes with brown pupils, during the film he becomes a hero because he saves not only Rosy but also all the children of Nome because he is the only one who succeeds to recover the antitoxin and bring it to those in great need.

Let's take a look at too Jenna who in effect is the female protagonist of the film. This time we are dealing with a dog of pure Husky breed. We are faced with a cute, charming, kind, determined and courageous dog who loves her sweet mistress Rosy very much. Jenna returns Balto's love right from the start and also for this reason he can only hate Steele. In the film we see her wearing an orange bandana around her neck, a color that is striking when associated with her red and white fur.

Balto: plot

In the movie Balto on the wings of the adventure set in Nome, Alaska, we see this dog-wolf who has been orphaned since he was a puppy, being despised and feared by most humans and dogs because of his being different. Fortunately Balto has a best friend, Boris, a Russian goose, and a group of friends as well as a dog like Jenna at his side, Between the two, it's love. The life of Balto is not particularly happy, it is a life full of frustrations, just to give an example, Balto he loves dog sled races but cannot participate in them and he assists, looks, suffers.

The events of the film take us to the year 1925, when a diphtheria epidemic occurred following which many children of Nome, including poor Rosy, fell ill. Balto after a series of adventures and twists, with actions of courage and proud choices, he manages to be a hero and save everyone by standing out for his generosity and defeating his enemy, the dog who he excludes and bullies him, the one who does not accept him for his not being a pure, purebred, but only a miserable half wolf.

Balto: true story

It is not easy to get there on your own if you are not an expert on the subject but it is interesting to know that the plot of the film is freely inspired by the true story of Balto, a sled dog that took part in a relay race carried out in the winter of 1925 to deliver a medicine to the city of Nome, in Alaska, where a diphtheria epidemic was underway.

There is a lot of truth in the film, in terms of news but also in the analysis of the mechanics and logics that exist in a closed society in which one thinks about prejudices, divisions by race, gender preferences. There is also truth in the production as the film opens and closes with two scenes shot in live Action showing Rosy in 1995, elderly and moved to New York after the death of her parents. Today, or rather, in 1995, Rosy takes her granddaughter and their dog to Central Park and shows them the statue made in honor of the Balto and other dogs 70 years earlier. Also beautiful is the scene in which, at the end of the film, the elderly Rosy repeats the same sentence pronounced as a child to the statue: "Thanks, Balto. I would have been lost without your help ”.

Balto the mystery of the wolf

Balto's second episode is "The mystery of the wolf ", it is a 2001 animated film produced and directed by Phil Weinstein. The first episode is titled the name of the dog, the third On the wings of adventure.

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