LifeGate Circle: the leading green alliance in Italy is born

LifeGate Circle: the leading green alliance in Italy is born

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LifeGate Circle is the new “editorial and commercial alliance” presented to the press this morning in Milan dedicated to all the realities interested in communicating issues related to the environment and sustainability.

The four leading companies in Italy in the Green sector by number of users and by relevance of the brand they make up LifeGate Circle I'm,, and

Together they are capable of achieving well 6 million users, through the respective Web sites, the social pages official and, in the case of LifeGate, also using the historical radio.

LifeGate Circle: goals

LifeGate Circle was born with multiple editorial and commercial objectives: to create opportunities for discussion and events, to guarantee high quality standards for the creation of content, to counteract the phenomenon of fake news that frequently spread, creating considerable damage to the sector, to constitute a significant critical mass to allow communication effective towards a target aimed at all investors who wish to reach an audience sensitive to issues related to the environment, sustainability, circular economy, healthy nutrition and psychophysical well-being.

The statements on LifeGate Circle of the four protagonists

“We are satisfied with this important collaboration - he commented Enea Roveda, CEO of LifeGate - which will offer companies the largest web and digital reality dedicated to green, designed to communicate the commitment in the field of sustainability and aimed at a target increasingly in line with change, allowing us to involve an increasing number of realities in our environmental initiatives, such as LifeGate PlasticLess, the project created to reduce plastic in the seas ".

"We have joined with pleasure the LifeGate proposal aimed at pooling the experience and different strengths of four historical brands in the green sector that have always aimed at the quality and authority of the content offered to users" - commented Matteo Di Felice, Managing Director of IdeeGreen - “The market offers increasingly ambitious challenges and important numbers are needed in order to constantly renew and improve its publishing offer. I'm sure LifeGate Circle will be a great success ”.

"For the first time in Italy there is common ground between different publishing realities that usually compete" - he said Matteo Campofiorito, Editorial Director of GreenStyle - "This is a very interesting and important alliance, both from an editorial and a commercial point of view. It is a union of intentions for important results ".

“I am thrilled with this new adventure” - he commented Rossella Vignoli, CEO and Editorial Manager of TuttoGreen - "This is an opportunity to expand the realities that address the same topic with different approaches. I think that together our four sites will be able to enhance and promote sustainability issues in the best possible way, because they are complementary and each tackle the same topics from a different point of view ".

LifeGate Circle: the profile of the four leading green realities in Italy is an editorial initiative of IdeeGreen S.r.l. Benefit Society, a company founded in March 2014 and today it has become a point of reference in Italy on issues related to the Environment, Sustainability and Psychophysical Wellbeing, with over 2 million monthly readers. Environment, psychophysical well-being, sustainability, energy, mobility and circular economy are the themes of greatest interest to readers. Ideegreen also carries out offline activities by sponsoring social projects of Onlus dedicated to improving the psychophysical well-being of the participants.

GreenStyle is Triboo's green lifestyle magazine. Since 2011, thanks to an approach that mixes information and in-depth analysis on environmental issues, it has become an irreplaceable companion for those who have chosen to live every aspect of their life in a sustainable way. An all-round look at the "eco" world that spans many topics: health and nutrition, electric cars and sustainable mobility, green-computing and storage systems, photovoltaic and wind power, home care, furniture, eco-holidays and animals.

TuttoGreen is the magazine for those who want to live green. It offers many ideas and advice for making low-impact daily choices: do not waste, eat in a healthy and natural way, move with clean means, recycle, save energy ... Those looking for a practical approach to a natural lifestyle and with lower environmental impact, you will find the answers and solutions you were looking for in the magazine and on your social network!

LifeGate is considered the benchmark of sustainability in Italy and has a community of 5 million people. Every day LifeGate works with passion and determination to make information, projects and services available, involving an ever-growing network of people, businesses, NGOs, institutions that want to actively commit to change for a sustainable future.

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