Food dispenser for the home

Food dispenser for the home

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The packaging in plastic are one of the many enemies ofenvironment. If you are curious to know how much packaging pollutes, try CONAI's Eco Tool, while if you want to solve the root problem, your home cannot miss the SmartSpace Countertop Dispenser, a very long name to describe an intelligent container that allows you to save space, save money and produce less waste.

SmartSpace Countertop Dispenser is a counter food dispenser and eliminates the clutter of the kitchen. A simple twist is enough to get the desired dose of pasta, rice, cereals or biscuits. Its practical and user-friendly design lends itself well to protecting the health of the most attentive consumer. With the twist of the knob you will have a portion equal to a bowl, in this way the consumer can easily dose his food and easily control the diet.

It is quite versatile, it has been designed to store pasta, candies, nuts, pulses, muesli, cereals and much more. When you go to the supermarket, go out with your eco-bag, fill it with loose foods and put them in the dispenser, no packaging will be produced!

In most shopping centers there is a department dedicated to the marketing of unpackaged food. Thanks to SmartSpace Countertop Dispenser, this department could become your favorite space. It was designed to preserve the freshness of food for about 45 days. The price of the product is 29 dollars, about 23 euros for the table version while it rises to 47 dollars for the wall trio.

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