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Planet Venus

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The Planet Venus it is beautiful by definition but in describing and observing it you can go beyond knowing its more scientific and useful characteristics for research. Also looking for some other living thing in space. Let's see why this planet is sometimes considered a twin of the Earth and if ever it is possible that Martians come from there to make friends with us.

Planet Venus

Besides being beautiful, this planet is also extremely bright, it is actually according to current calculations the second brightest object in the celestial vault after the Moon. Its apparent magnitude, a way to measure its brightness, can even reach the value of - 4.6 which is a value six units higher than the maximum limit for the naked eye vision of astronomical objects.

There are days when the Planet Venus it may appear like a real lighthouse, but be careful, this does not happen in the middle of the night but only around dawn or at sunset, in effect these are the only moments of the day in which it is possible to admire it. This momentary visibility, and which is limited to the moments of transition between day and night, explain well why it is often also called "Morning Star" or "Stella del Vespers".

Stella, today we know that it is wrong, but once upon a time it was not yet known that it was a planet and we can in a certain sense consider it today a poetic license using these names not in scientific but literary terms, knowing full well that Venus is not a star.

Planet Venus, twin of the Earth

The mass of Venus, its size and even its density are completely comparable to those of our planet Earth, which is why you can often hear this planet defined as the "Twin of the Earth".

It is in fact the second planet of the solar system and it goes without saying that it has its own peculiar characteristics that can at times remind us of the planet we live in, but let's not expect a clone of the Earth because for many other aspects there are enormous differences. In fact, if our planet is habitable, Venus is not at all, it is totally inhospitable due to its corrosive atmosphere and its crushing pressure on the ground. No "neighbors" from Venus, therefore, we can dream of them!

Although Venus is much closer to us than Mars, we have neither many images of its surface nor a large number of scientific data about it at our disposal, even compared to what we have or can collect concerning the Planet Mars. This also happens because on Venus not only biological life is practically impossible, but so is simple human exploration

Planet Venus: characteristics

Let's now look at some numbers and considerations around our planet. It is away about 110 million kilometers from the sun and it can reach 38 million kilometers from Earth when it is at some point in its planet orbit.

To make a full circle around the Sun takes 224.7 days, with a speed of 35 kilometers per second, this is the motion of revolution which for the Earth lasts about 365 days and dictates the duration of the years. A peculiarity of Venus lies in the fact that it has the rotation is retrograde, clockwise, unlike almost all other planets.

The Planet Venus also has a primacy, that of the "hottest" planet in the Solar System since its surface temperature can reach 464 ° centigrade, a temperature at which even the lead melts. The second hottest planet is Mercury with "only" 427 ° C on the surface. Why is Venus so hot?

It is all the fault, or merit, of his unbreathable atmosphere and consists mainly of carbon dioxide (over 96%), sulfuric acid, sulfur dioxide and other compounds. This mixture is able to trap the sun's rays, thus preventing reflection on the planet's surface. Also due to the impenetrability of the clouds, Venus is so bright.

Planet Venus in astrology

Associate Venus to beauty and love it comes naturally to everyone, and even astrology confirms. From the sign in which the planet is located from time to time we understand how much we will be able to open ourselves to feelings and how we will be able to express them. Venus is also a strong symbol of femininity but is also used as a symbol of "pleasure", that is, of everything that makes us feel good, attracts us, satisfies us. It is the planet of beauty, order and harmony, it is connected to artistic talents and physical appearance. In the world Venus represents art, justice, music, aesthetic sense.

From its position in the chart we know what kind of feeling we have towards others. Which will therefore be passionate if its domicile is in a fire sign, mental and uninhibited if in a Air sign, emotional and sentimental when in a water sign, firm, possessive and not very "imaginative" if in a land.

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