SolarExpo and Greenbuilding 2012

SolarExpo and Greenbuilding 2012

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What are the global advances in the solar industry? Are there smartgrids capable of conveying the energy produced by the photovoltaic sector and inserting it into the urban electricity grid? These and other questions will be answered at SolarExpo 2012, solar exposure to be held here in Italy next May.

The edition of Solarexpo 2012 is the most important Italian event on solar energies and photovoltaic. The SolarExpo is scheduled from 9 to 11 May, at the pavilions of the Verona fair, is a reality of over 100 thousand square meters of exhibition, which attracts more than 1,000 exhibiting companies, 40% of which from 30 European and non-European countries: one global event where the most important international companies will meet in the beautiful Venetian city to discuss and reflect on the development of solar energy and grid parity.

Eleven pavilions for the thirteenth edition of Solarexpo one more than last year. There are still two months to go and there are already 800 exhibitor subscriptions for the event. The conference program is divided into 60 events, with over 6,000 participants and 350 national and international speakers. There are 40 sector associations involved.

Simultaneously with the event, a broad program of conferences, seminars, training courses on issues related to the new ones energy policies and the latest in technology: solar, wind, geothermal and bioenergy, cogeneration, trigeneration and much more. Solarexpo 2012 will be joined by the sixth edition of Greenbuilding, the international exhibition-conference dedicated toenergy efficiency and sustainable architecture.

Two simultaneous events to offer the most complete review of products, technologies and solutions in the field of renewables and architecture sustainable. Despite the difficult period, the sector has good prospects for the future, Italy remains one of the most interesting markets in the world for the development of solar power, says Sara Quotti Tubi, director of Solarexpo. In fact, despite the precariousness of the incentives and the state of suffering of the Italian manufacturing industry, companies are still reacting to the current situation and this can also be perceived by the numbers recorded up to now for the next edition.

Solarexpo also announced a few days ago the transfer to the Rho-Pero exhibition center following the agreement between Fiera Milano spa ed Expoenergie srl, the organizer of the event. We hope that this great global event can be a further springboard for pro sustainable eco-energy companies and that it can raise awareness in the world to do the same!

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