Digital piggy bank: the App to save

Digital piggy bank: the App to save

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Of digital piggy bank it is talked about more and more often, arousing the enthusiasm of those who happily manipulate their touchscreen and the distrust of those who see this world evolve and do not perceive the presence of concrete benefits.

There are no right or wrong positions, in general, but it can be safely said that in the particular case of the digital piggy bank we are facing an example of positive evolution. It is an example of technology that supports all citizens who wish to reap benefits, not only economic but in terms of quality of life and time savings. Let's see what they are and what they are, the advantages they give and how they are regulated in Italy.

What is a digital piggy bank

The name of "Digital piggy bankand "is exhaustive, the digital adjective next to the name" piggy bank "is not a tinsel or a marketing move designed specifically to win over millennials. In this case you have something digital that works like a piggy bank, the piggy bank that those who are not millennials certainly have in mind. We are therefore talking about platforms designed and built with the aim of making us intelligently set aside money for means of daily transactions.

Gimme5: the new digital Piggy Bank App

One of the best known platforms active in Italy and increasingly popular is Gimme5, at our side when it comes to saving money and making it grow over time.

Let's see how it works in practice. Using Gimme5 we are able to accumulate savings over time with ease, let's not necessarily imagine big figures, on the contrary, the beauty of the digital Piggy Bank is that it allows us to set aside even 5 euros at a time.

We can choose how much and when to pay money, we can choose every day or, if we are careless or spendthrifts to keep at bay, we can also set up automatic mechanisms that set aside a certain amount for us regularly.

Gimme5 thus transforms those who feel incurable cicada into ant. The speed depends on us, so we are free to find the middle way between the two extremes of the fairy tale, in order to have a sober but pleasant lifestyle and at the same time put aside money, which in these uncertain times, it seems to be a widespread and felt need.

Relying on the Gimme5 digital piggy bank does not mean giving your savings to an app or computer, there is a team of professional managers who takes care of our money with the aim of making it grow and we are in control.

One of the best ways to use Gimme5 and digital piggy banks in general is to work towards goals. This rule also applies in life: with a clear goal ahead, you work better, if you see the top where you want to go, you walk at a brisk pace and without any loss of motivation.

The same suggests Gimme5 giving us the possibility to set our savings goals: knowing why and for whom you are saving is the key to success. It can be the next holiday, the value of a gift we want to give, a new house we want to buy, complete with a garden for the dog or simply a new mobile phone.

While we save day by day, Gimme5 supports us with suggestions for use and articles so as not to make us feel alone in our "ant" path.

Below we propose a Gimme5 official video presentation that will help you understand how it works and features ...

The functionality to involve friends and relatives to reach your goal: the supporter

Another way to use Gimme5 is to involve relatives and friends in our business. If we want to put away our nest egg for a holiday, maybe some generous uncle, or a friend who sees that we need it, wants to give us a hand and a few hundred euros. With the digital piggy bank you can do it automatically, easily and without the need to become a customer. Once you have created a savings goal, just share it with those who can become our supporters, then it is up to him to decide how to behave but if he agrees to give us a hand, we can thank him directly through Gimme5. It is a convenient function not only for people: even associations such as FAI and other NGOs have already started using it in this way.

Gimme5: costs

The digital money box as we have seen so far offers many advantages and is a real convenience, but the comforts have a price and are not always affordable. In the case of Gimme5, the costs are really low and it pays to be comfortable. Net, you can save up to 55% of management costs compared to the traditional offer. Specifically, there are no activation fees and no costs for creating your account, only one euro fee for the refund. As regards the performance fees, they are applied if and only if the management has created an added value to the investment compared to that already obtained in the past. The official website also explains the costs relating to taxation in a clear and exhaustive way.

Gimme5: how to best use it and choose the speed with which to save

So far we have talked about ants and cicadas, as if we had to transform ourselves from spendthrift and “stingy” but this is not the only purpose of a digital piggy bank. At least not Gimme5 which helps us to put money aside with maximum simplicity but also to make them grow over time.

As users we can in fact choose the profile that best suits our mood and our goal, among the three proposed: Prudent, Dynamic and Aggressive. The first is suitable for those who do not need to make the money they save grow a lot, the second is for those who choose to reach and stay in balance between a certain due prudence and a natural desire to seize opportunities on the financial markets. The aggressive profile offers us investments that have a certain risk, with a minimum suggested time of about 5 years, which in any case is not a constraint, and an equity exposure that can reach 100%.

Gimme security5

Relying on a digital piggy bank to put money away and use a platform to manage them may be easy for some but less for others. Distrust and perplexity arise and it is good to be vigilant, in order to choose companies such as Gimme5, an app for portable devices produced by AcomeA S.G.R. which is a company supervised by the Bank of Italy and Consob. What does it mean? That we can rest assured because it is obliged to comply with very precise rules in terms of procedures, products and transparency. In relation to skills and professionalism, AcomeA SGR is an award-winning reality: for five years it has been on the podium of the High Performance Award promoted by Sole 24Ore as the best fund manager in the small category.

For more information you can visit the Gimme official website 5. or download the application directly from iTunes or the Google Store.

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