How to choose a dog

How to choose a dog

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How to choose a dog it is a question to be given its importance, but secondary to that of "IF" take a dog. It is not my intention to discourage anyone nor to stifle the desire, human and animal in general, to share spaces and times with a furry 4-legged being who swears eternal love to you. And sometimes slobbering.

I say this for his sake, and ours too. How to choose a dog is important, but first make sure you really want to have it and can realistically welcome it. And keep. I emphasize to maintain, in an economic sense, and in a psychological sense. Because we talk about years and years of buying it food and accessories, wash it, take care of it and assist it. And to take it to do the needs season and in all weather conditions.

Now we can talk about how to choose a dog. The most important decision is that we are ready to have one - fantastic news. I have a Bernese Mountain Dog female for almost 10 years and I couldn't be happier. Of my choice, first of all to have her next to me. I like her breed, but when I had chosen her I have to tell the truth that I didn't have much idea of how to choose a dog.

How to choose a dog: criteria to consider

Among the various criteria to be considered in the how to choose a dog there are certainly dimensions in relation to space that we can make available to you. Of the amount of space, but also of the type. Sometimes having a very large house, but zero garden is unsuitable as much as a studio apartment, vice versa a large garden associated with a closet, as much as a super villa with a park, can be the paradise for a dog "From outside". Maybe to dedicate one to kennel all for him. Do-it-yourself? I'll also explain how, here.

After space, time is important to understand how to choose a dog: we mentioned the walk under the weather or in the cold for the needs: it was just an example. Even if we are ready to face the storm, for our 4-legged friend, we evaluate how many hours on the agenda we can then dedicate to him during the day or at least spend with him, in the same room.

Dogs left alone for whole days, who see their owner only in the evening on the fly, between a happy hour and pizza with friends, or in the "hit and run" between the gym, shopping and coffee with friends, they must be at least lonely dogs . Or wild. There are those who suffer more from loneliness than others, better understand it. Not to make them sad but also to avoid the spite of an abandoned dog.

Since man is also a social animal, even before all the others, the thought ofhow to choose a dog it must also take into account the people we hang out with and, even earlier, much earlier, those we eventually live with. Wife, husband, children, partner or partner, grandmother, roommates.

And then entourage of friends: when we think about how to choose a dog we ask ourselves and we ask them if they are allergic, terrified, disgusted. Or particularly enthusiastic about some particular dog. It is true that everyone has the right to choose how to choose a dog, but what if we then hear "either him or me"? I don't want to happen to me.

More pragmatically thinking, beyond friends and family, how to choose a dog it must also take into account the neighbors, any landlords but above all the condominium regulations. There are buildings that don't like them, let's look at the regulation.

Other paperwork to consult are those of insurance, for example, and as mentioned above, the Bank account, to understand if the dog with us will not go hungry. Let's remember, speaking of costs, that a large dog in general costs more, especially for the "food" variant which increases with size exponentially. It is also true that small dogs often have more medical expenses and an abundance of coats and accessories.

How to choose a dog in a kennel

To wonder how to choose a dog in a kennel it is already a choice, a beautiful choice: that of giving an animal a new opportunity, sometimes unexpected, to live in a house, in a family and social context. As criteria, not being able to rely on breeds and literature describing their characteristics, it is necessary to take into consideration the size and age.

A puppy dog he is cheerful and full of energy, to be educated. Well, because you can put it in line according to our principles, but we have to sweat. If it is a adult dog, of course he is calmer and already trained, but if he has suffered trauma or has not been well educated, it is difficult to change him. A senior dog usually brings a great sweetness into the house, is manageable, even by the elderly, and experienced: he knows how life goes. We cannot count on tens of years together and we must take into account that it will soon need also veterinary assistance. Let's leave aside the superstition: a question of personal data.

How to choose a dog in a kennel it is also a matter of the heart: the heart leads us to this idea and often the heart still guides us in deciding which tail wagging to take home with us. We try to do it sensibly, also verifying the state of health and possible cross breeds, but let's also trust our instincts as well as that of the dog that will "adopt" us as master.

And if you also believe in astrology, you can also choose your dog by considering his zodiac sign! If you want to have fun reading how your dog's character could be based on the day he was born and therefore based on his zodiac sign, you can read this article dedicated todog horoscope!

How to choose a purebred dog

We have already mentioned many criteria on understanding how to choose a dog. If it is of race we can help with the descriptions of the single ones, of the typical character, of the typical physical defects, of the propensities, of the vices and of the virtues of each one. In this case, therefore, a universe of Stingray, each to be discovered, to be studied, bearing in mind that each specimen “does it by itself”: they are there Beagle shy and other expansive, Rottweiler who stammer and Hyperactive Pugs or the Black PugNeapolitan Mastiffs delicate. Who can ever tell?

Black on white, however, in case you are wondering how to choose a purebred dog, there are the condominium rules and the laws of countries, cities or regions. It may be that some breeds are not welcome or are considered dangerous and therefore subject to restrictions. Those usually targeted for action are Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Doberman, Mastiffs, Cane Corso, Great Dane Harlequin, Alaskan Malamutes is Siberian Huskies.

Each breed and each group of races can have useful contraindications to know: it is nothing new that i hunting dogs for example, they have to do a lot of movement. Let's not segregate them in the house. Those very small, they won't like the cold very much: it's okay to choose them if we feel like pets and living room, not garden. Least of all to guard, vice versa those from guard they are not always very suitable for babysitting children. Even if you play guard and thieves: I doubt they learn the rules.

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