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Small wind power plant, advice on use

Small wind power plant, advice on use

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Would you like to have free electricity? It would be nice right? To achieve this goal, an initial investment is required for the purchase of a plant photovoltaic or domestic wind. When we talk about wind power domestic we refer to the micro- o mini-wind.

As everyone will know, awind power planttransforms the energy of the wind into electricity. On a smaller scale, amini wind power plant allows the kinetic energy produced by the wind to be captured by the moving blades and transferred to a rotor normally connected to a three-phase alternator that converts mechanical energy into rotational electrical energy.

There are many types ofinstallationswith differentturbines.The turbines differ in shape, size and type of operation. Based on the size, we can classify thewind powerinto three categories: wind properly speaking, small wind power and micro-wind.

With the termsmall wind powerwe refer toinstallationswith a height of less than 30 meters. Generally speaking, it can be said that the higher the wind turbine is placed, the more will be the amount of energy produced (winds blow stronger at greater heights). If you are considering installing amini wind power plant, there are some things to know:

  • thereturbineit must be installed at a distance equal to twice the height of the obstacles that could slow the wind. For example, if on the site where you intend to install themini wind power plantthere is a tree 3 meters high, the turbine must be installed at a distance of at least 6 meters from it.
  • Even if the new wind turbines are silent, theplantit should be placed relatively far from the house.
  • Better not to design the installation of amini wind power planton the roof as you may feel vibrations. For this kind ofinstallationsbetter to consider the micro wind.
  • It is true, wind turbines do not require any maintenance but at the time of purchase, it is better to inquire about suppliers to access any spare parts.
  • point to aplantwhich starts its production even at low wind intensity, a light breeze (3m / s) should already start generating energy. On the contrary, if themini wind power plantmust be located in highly windy areas, make sure that the turbine does not stop producing energy after a certain intensity.

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